Getting from Incheon to Osan

Bus Schedule

Bus Schedule

All inbound personnel will be routed commercially to Incheon International Airport. From Incheon Airport, it can be a one and a half to four hour ride (one way) to Osan Air Base, depending on the traffic. 

After you leave the customs area, you will be directed to the Joint Force Reception Center at the USO desk near Exit 14.  At the Joint Force Reception Center, an Air Force representative will meet you and have you sign up for one of the seven Services buses that will take you directly to Osan.  These buses have been arranged to capture the majority of newcomers coming in from the states. The Services buses depart times can be found here. However, if there are delayed arrivals,then the bus will depart at a later time. Bus time from Osan to Incheon are 0700, 1130, and 1530.

You will also be able to call your sponsor from the USO/JFRC desk and let them know you arrived, as well as what your travel plans are. 

For servicemen and family members traveling under PCS/TDY orders, cost is $35 per person, one way. Make sure to have this amount with you in dollars! This will be a reimbursable expense. Please note also that pets are not allowed on the Services buses. Services has a van which can be arranged in advance for transport of pets with the family (DSN: 315-784-4254). This service is available on weekdays only and the cost is $250. When used in conjunction with transporting dependents to Osan, it will be a reimbursable expense.

The Services Bus will bring you directly onto Osan AB and drop you off at the Osan reception center, Bldg. 772 (Turumi Lodging), where your sponsor should meet you. Please make sure you have a copy of your orders for when you enter the gate.  If no one is there to meet you, your First Sergeant or an Alternate Unit Representative will be contacted.

If the USO/JFRC does not have a bus available, they may recommend you to utilize the Korean Express Bus Service. It departs from Exit 7, bus stop 7A every thirty minutes (from 0805- 2105) for Songtan and costs around 13,000 Won. At Exit 7, look to your left, there is a booth where you can purchase your ticket. It is a purple bus that has "Airport Limousine" written on its side. Make sure you catch one that either has the name Pyongtaek, Songtan or Osan AB written in the window. The bus will make several stops and you will get off at the Songtan Terminal. Most bus drivers will not accept dollars - only Won. They will not provide you change if you hand them a 10,000 Won bill. Ensure you have plenty of 1,000 Won notes per passenger in your household. To exchange dollars into Won, contact the USO/Joint Force Reception Center and they will advise you of the nearest ATM machine that will convert dollars into Won. Also, there is an ATM machine between Gates 11 and 12.

After you leave the customs area, you may be approached by taxi drivers trying to lead customers away from the buses and offering a ride to Osan. At this time USE OF TAXI'S IS HIGHLY DISCOURAGED.  If you arrive outside of the Services Bus schedule, head to the USO/JFRC area where they can assist you.  If you are forced to take a taxi, please be cautioned that this is very expensive. They tend to overcharge.  Be prepared to spend $150 to $300.    

Overall, taking a bus is the most cost effective and viable option for newcomers.