Make Osan Better 15-004: Dependent Children ID Cards for Installation Access

Subject: Dependent Children ID Cards

Concern: When are dependent children required to obtain and/or present an ID card for access to the installation, and what are the differences between Korea installations versus other installations in the United States in this respect?

Response: Thanks for your inquiry and interest in installation access and security.  There are many reasons why your children might not have been asked for their ID cards in the past as it is often hard to determine their age, so the entry controllers are sometimes inconsistent.  In any case, if they are 10 or older, they need an ID card and if they are 12 or older, they must show their ID card for entry.

To answer your specific questions:

"When are dependents required to obtain Dependent ID cards?"
- A dependent ID card is issued when a child becomes 10 years of age (reference AFI 36-3026).

"When are they required to present an ID card for access to the installation?"
- In accordance with USFK regulations, children under age 12 (i.e. 11 and under) are not required to present an ID or temporary pass when escorted by an authorized DoD ID card holder who has escort privileges (reference USFKR 190-7).  However, this means that children 12 and over are required to provide identification for access on USFK installations when requested.  Additionally, we occasionally enhance our security posture for actual and exercise security concerns and may request additive authentications to assure the security of Team Osan.

"What are the differences between Korea installations vs other installations in the United States?"
- Air Force installations and Joint Bases which the USAF is responsible for in the United States must adhere to Air Force Instructions (AFI), however, Osan AB must adhere to SOFA and USFK rules as well.  At Osan AB we follow USFK rules as well as AFIs, with USFK guidelines taking precedence.

We always appreciate feedback on how we can improve our communications while adhering to our #1 priority of Defending the Base.  To inquire further about specific procedures at the installation gates, please contact 51 SFS Operations branch at 784-4756.  To inquire about USAF or USFK access policies please contact 51 SFS Plans and Programs at 784-6206.