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  • Precision system moving runways

    Members of Team Osan’s 51st Operations Support Squadron and 51st Civil Engineer Squadron have been working together since mid-June to move an instrument landing system from the recently closed runway to the newly repaired runway. “This is a team effort,” said Tech. Sgt. Paul Perez, 51st CES electrical planner. “Aside from OSS and CES, we also have
  • Osan’s 2017 Drinking Water Consumer Confidence Report now available

    The 2017 Drinking Water Consumer Confidence Report (CCR) is now available on the Osan AB's homepage.
  • Team Osan honors fallen member with Rogers Fit Workout

    On the evening of April 29, 2016, a fire engulfed an apartment building in the Songtan District near Osan Air Base. Inside was a family of four and Staff Sgt. Cierra Rogers, 731st Air Mobility Squadron commander support staff member.
  • Osan Vehicle Maintenance goes digital

    In today’s ever-changing digital landscape, the Air Force is streamlining everyday processes with technology helping members do their jobs with less hassle and more efficiency.
  • Strength in Diversity

    Despite all personal barriers and differences, whether it be race, religion, political or sexual orientation, every member of the U.S. Air Force raised their right hand to serve the same country.
  • DoD Launches MilitaryChildCare.com at Osan Air Base, ROK

    Families at Osan Air Base will have access to a new Department of Defense website on June 14. This new web page is designed to simplify and improve the child care request for care process.
  • RED FLAG-Alaska planning fortifies multinational tactics

    Groups of pilots and mission coordinators jostle their eyes between a large screen and a map of the airspace during a mission planning brief with Joint Base Elmendorf-Richardson, a fellow Air Force Base out of Anchorage, Alaska, on June 12. After a training scenario explanation, the chatter of tactical plans and counter-attacks bounced back and forth between personnel as they prepared for a large force exercise mission during RED FLAG-Alaska 17-2.
  • CMSAF meets Team Osan

    The Air Force’s highest ranking enlisted leader witnessed firsthand Team Osan’s “Fight Tonight” capability during his visit, June 7.
  • Mustangs, Wolfpack Defenders sharpen skills through iron sights

    Members from the 51st and 8th Fighter Wing Security Forces Squadrons participated in weapons training at Camp Rodriguez, Republic of Korea, May 23-24, 2017, ensuring the Defenders are vigilant and ready to Fight Tonight.During the training, Defenders qualified on the MK-19 grenade launcher, M2 machine gun and the M24 sniper rifle. “We’re doing this
  • Never forgotten: Osan celebrates Police Week

    Military police officers around the world put their life on the line every day. During National Police Week, Team Osan honored those men and women who perished while safeguarding others.