Airman Spotlight: Staff Sgt. Anthony Sportsman

OSAN AIR BASE, Republic of Korea --

Name: Staff Sgt. Anthony Sportsman

Unit: 51st Operations Support Squadron

Job title: Aircrew Flight Equipment

Job description and its impact on the overall mission: I work on the equipment that our pilots have to rely on in situations when the unthinkable has happened. When a pilot ejects, he will rely on the parachutes we pack to get to the ground safely. He will then use the survival kit we pack to survive and evade until help arrives. If he lands in water, he will rely on our anti-exposure suits, life preservers, and life raft to stay dry, stay afloat, and ultimately get out of the water.

Time in the military: 4 ½ years

Time at Osan: 11 months

DEROS: May 2012

Family: Mother, 3 older brothers, with 3 sister in laws and several nieces and nephews. Not married and no kids.

Hometown: Springfield, Mo.

Hobbies: Computer repair, fishing, and camping

Why did you join the military? I wanted to travel the world.

Where do you see yourself in 10 or 20 years? If I'm not still in the military, I will likely be retired. I've been considering getting a degree in law.

What do you do for fun here? I've spent a lot of time talking to family and friends back home and overseas. Other than that, if I'm not working, I like to pass the time reading books.

What's your favorite Air Force memory or story? We had a pilot at Elmendorf in one of the F-22's go down and didn't get a chance to eject. I will probably remember the emotions that were running around the squadron for the rest of my career, probably the rest of my life.

What accomplishment are you most proud of? I've developed a bit of a reputation for knowing the technical data. I think that is the thing that makes me the most proud.

Who are your role models? I guess you could say I look up to President Abraham Lincoln. Other than that, I pick attributes of the people around me that I appreciate and try to model myself after those specific traits. You could say I have a lot of role models.