Airman Spotlight: Senior Airman Christopher Rhodey

OSAN AIR BASE, Republic of Korea -- Unit: 51st Aerospace Medicine Squadron

Job title: Aerospace Medical Technician

Job description and its impact on the overall mission: My job as a medical technician is to provide patients with the best and highest quality of care. Here at Osan, I work in the Flight Medicine Clinic. My job is to make sure our pilots and flight personnel are healthy and to make sure they meet medical flight standards so that they can fly and do their job effectively. I do everything from inserting stitches to taking vital signs and so much more.

Time in the military: 4 years

Time at Osan: 6 months

DEROS: Nov 2011

Hometown: Atlanta, Georgia

Hobbies: Football, snowboarding, cooking, going to concerts and just having fun.

Why did you join the military? I joined the military for travel and to be a medic. I enjoy being in the enlisted core and getting to do my job. There aren't many people that can say they have been all the way around the world multiple times helping people. I love it!

Where do you see yourself in 10 or 20 years: In 10 years I see myself finishing a degree in sports medicine. 20 years from now I see myself retired from the service and practicing medicine outside the military for big name sports teams.

What do you do for fun here? Fun for me is trying to do something new every day. Everything from going fishing to cooking out or just taking random ITT trips.

What's your favorite Air Force memory or story? My favorite memory would have to be the day I graduated my technical training and my instructor told me, "Airman Rhodey you are now an Air Force medic, go save lives." That was an awesome feeling and a great memory.

What accomplishment are you most proud of? My biggest accomplishment would have to be joining the military. I remember talking about it when I was a kid, but to actually fulfill that young dream was my most uplifting moment as of yet.

Who are your role models? My father and my grandfather.