Airman Spotlight: Staff Sgt. Isaac Yi

OSAN AIR BASE, Republic of Korea -- Unit: 51 Medical Support Squadron

Job title: Unit Security Manager

Job description and its impact on the overall mission: Monitors personnel, information and industrial security programs as applicable to the 51st Medical Group. Provides guidance on preparation of security clearance paperwork for initial or re-certification requests. Using JPAS ensures all personnel have appropriate security clearance and signs SF 312, Non-Disclosure Agreement before having access to the Medical Group's local area network and email account. Processes AF Forms 2586, Termination of Security Clearances on all retiring medical personnel and SF 312, Non-Disclosure Agreements on all out-processing personnel. Administers test to medical personnel requiring a line badge. Upon successful completion of the line badge test, completes AF 2587 and instruct members on routing procedures.

Time in the military: 9 years

Time at Osan: 6 months

DEROS: June 13

Family: Mother

Hometown: Uijeongbu, ROK

Hobbies: Outdoor Activities

Why did you join the military? I wanted to serve and utilize the military benefits. The Air Force was the best option for me.

Where do you see yourself in 10 or 20 years: In 10 years, still serving in the AF with more stripes and doing better job.

What do you do for fun here? Play sports, hike, watch movies, and hang out with friends.

What's your favorite Air Force memory or story? Getting to meet and shake the hand of Gen. Schwartz, the Air Force chief of staff.

What accomplishment are you most proud of? Joining the USAF and getting naturalized.

Who are your role models? Definitely my parents and a leader who listens and supports his/her people.