Beverly Bulldog 07-01 Top Performers

OSAN AIR BASE, Republic of Korea -- Congratulations to the following individuals and teams who were selected as Top Performers during the Beverly Bulldog 07-01 exercise:


51st Fighter Wing
Capt. Patrick Schwomeyer,

51st Operations Group
Capt. Brandon Kelly
Master Sgt. James Thompson

51st Medical Group
Tech. Sgt. Dupelia Numa
Staff Sgt. Marius Cailean

51st Mission Support Group
Senior Airman Lionel Garcia
Staff Sgt. Matt Stearns
Staff Sgt. Aaron Olson
Senior Airman Allison Brokaw
Tech. Sgt. Nicole Nicholas
Master Sgt. Joy Bryan
Senior Airman Mallory Kaneakalau
Airman 1st Class Justin Baysore

51st Maintenance Group
Staff Sgt. Jeremy Randall
Staff Sgt. William Howe
Staff Sgt. Gregory Mercer
Master Sgt. Schuyler Griswold
Senior Airman Jason Jordan
Staff Sgt. Joshua Rootness
Staff Sgt. Tanda Engelsma


51st Security Forces Team
Staff Sgt. Steven Hanspard
Staff Sgt. Jack Gilbert
Airman 1st Class Wesley Kerekesh

51st MDG Patient
Administration Team
Tech. Sgt. Lavonne Fox
Tech. Sgt. Ray LeGrand
Tech. Sgt. Chrissy Phillips
Staff Sgt. Kenny Moore
Staff Sgt. Christopher Stanley
Senior Airman Robert Benefiel
Senior Airman Joshua Bilanzich
Senior Airman Shamika Jones
Senior Airman Latasha Lyde
Senior Airman Heather Rodriguez

Midshift Team
Master Sgt. Randy Moninger
Master Sgt. William Ward
Tech. Sgt. Michael Qualiana
Tech. Sgt. Ruben Muniz
Staff Sgt. Adriana Hickman
Staff Sgt. Adrain Haynes
Staff Sgt. Robert Knisely
Senior Airman Steven Rivera
Senior Airman Kevin Daniels
Senior Airman Andrew Beck

51st Communications Squadron Network Control Center
Tech. Sgt. Michael Henson
Staff Sgt. Robert Kilburn
Senior Airman Stephen Yaunt
Senior Airman Jaki Chang

51st MXG Weapons Crew 19
Staff Sgt. Issa Booth
Airman 1st Class Brandon Payne
Airman 1st Class Dallas Jaeger

51st MXG MOCC Team
Staff Sgt. Wayne Keys
Senior Airman Christopher Gaffron
Senior Airman William Ehinger
Senior Airman William Robertson

7th Air Force White cell
Maj. William Bilton
Capt. Nathaniel Peace

7th Air Force AOC
Tech. Sgt. Sebastiano Formica
Tech. Sgt. Dean Hornsby
Maj. John Binder
Senior Airman Daniel Crum
2nd Lt. Jacquelyn Schneider

7th Air Force CA-Staff
Staff Sgt. Kathy Martzall
Maj. Matthew McCarty
Master Sgt. Rigoberto Chacon
Senior Master Sgt. Michael Garret