51st SVS competes for top awards

OSAN AIR BASE, Republic of Korea -- Though many are far from home and a meal made by mom, make no mistake-- Team Osan is being well served and well fed while stationed here.

The 51st Services Squadron was awarded by Pacific Air Forces Headquarters the best food services team for multiple dining facilities and the best large services squadron.

"This is the first time in history that Osan has received the PACAF headquarters nomination to compete in the Lemay competition," said Maj Todd R. Alcott, Services commander. "We would not have received this nomination without the feedback of our customers -- they voted us as No. 1 in PACAF."

With this award and nomination, the 51st SVS will be able to compete for the prestigious General Curtis E. LeMay Services Award and John L. Hennessy Trophy Award for best food service operation in the Air Force.

The Lemay Award recognizes exceptional Air Force Services programs at large bases of over 6,000 assigned military and civilian members.

The following accomplishments only begin to demonstrate why the 51st Services Squadron is leading the charge.

Best in the Air Force for:

- Highest grossing 18-hole Golf Course for most rounds played

- Achieving 99.5% on lodging accreditation

Best in PACAF for:

- 2006 customer satisfaction feedback survey and

- Youth Programs

- Earned the Food Service Excellence Award for multiple dining facilities

- The Bowling Center was best in customer service, facility and overall operation

The food services team comprised of the Gingko Tree, Pacific House and Back of the Hanger, have won PACAFs nomination the last seven out of eight years and took home the Hennessy Award once. These dining facilities dished out 1.25 million delicious, quality meals and earned an overwhelming 95 percent customer satisfaction rate.

The Lemay evaluation team arrives here Jan. 29 and stays for five days. The other bases that Osan will be competing against are Davis-Monthan, Randolph, Ramstein, Vandenberg and McChord.

"Now we will be able to show the rest of the world that Osan is not your father's base anymore," said Maj Alcott.