Save energy this holiday season

OSAN AIR BASE, Republic of Korea -- Decorative light and fixtures will certainly be a part of our holiday celebration as we ready our homes, offices and other base areas for the holidays. Osan holiday lighting policy strives to safely and efficiently achieve a balance of individual desires for decorative lighting with our responsibility to conserve energy and be good stewards of our natural resources. The following are guidelines set by the 51st Civil Engineer Squadron:

Home decorations: Limit outdoor light decorations to the balcony area or the front of the home. Outdoor decorative lighting must be removed before Jan. 15 and operated only between 6-10 p.m., though it may be left on all night Sunday and Monday.

Unit/workplace decorations: Holiday lights may be lit in the interior of workspaces during normal working hours only. Use of non-electrical decorations like garlands, tinsel, ribbons and wreaths is encouraged.

Decorative lighting: Low wattage, miniature lamp strings are encouraged for all decorative lighting. New light emitting diode string lights use only a small fraction of the energy required by popular mini-lights, burn cooler and last longer.

Below are a few additional tips that will help keep everyone safe and save electricity this holiday season.

- If purchasing an artificial tree, consider purchasing a fiber optic one rather than a normal one

- Put holiday lights on a timer to reduce costs and prevent leaving them when no one is there to enjoy them

- Make sure to check existing exterior lighting at your workplace, too, to ensure all exterior lighting fixtures are turned off during the day

- Look for the Energy Star label when selecting major gifts such as computers, televisions, and appliances

- Save energy year around. By replacing standard incandescent light bulbs with compact fluorescent lights people can save 70 percent energy consumpsion. Dormitory residents can get CFLs at the base Self-Help store.