Dorm 1346 crowned winner of energy saving competition

OSAN AIR BASE, Republic of Kore --

Facilities across Osan have competed in energy saving practices over the past nine months for the 51st Civil Engineer Squadron’s first Energy Consumption Reduction Competition.

Dorm 1346 took first place in the competition by saving over $52,000 in energy costs, which falls in line with the Air Force’s priority to “foster an energy aware culture.”

“The competition is a tool to increase awareness in conserving energy and water on the base and to reduce energy consumption to help meet DoD mandated energy reduction goals,” said David Moysey, 51st CES resource efficiency manager.

Collectively, Dorm 1346 and the other 31 facilities saved $307,000, a portion of which will be put into the facilities.

“This will definitely benefit the residents’ morale since we’ve won $400 to purchase something to enhance their quality of life,” said Staff Sgt. Dominic Schultz, 51st CES airman dorm leader for Dorm 1346.

Now the 2015 competition is over, the 51st CES plans to host the competition annually, with the next competition slated to begin Oct. 1.

Because energy conservation is a year-round effort, here are the 51st Civil Engineer Squadron’s top tips to continue saving energy:

  • Make sure doors and windows are closed when heat or air conditioning are activated.

  • Make sure outdoor lights (on the building and bike racks) are turned off during the day.

  • Make sure indoor lights are turned off when not in use and especially before leaving the building after work.

  • Unplug appropriate appliances not in use, especially on weekends and holidays.

  • In dorms, make sure residents clean out the dryer vents after each use of the clothes dryer.

  • In dorms, make sure the lights are off in the day rooms, laundry rooms and exercise rooms when not in use.

  • Make sure all incandescent lights have been replaced by fluorescent or LED lights in your facility.

  • Make sure a facility manager or trained tank custodian is present during receipt of heating fuel and confirm the amount of fuel billed (by contractor) is the amount of fuel receieved (use AF Form 500).

  • When the heat is turned on in November, if your facility is noticeably “overheated” (68 degrees Fahrenheit or 20 degrees Celsius is the target temperature IAW 51FWI 90-1702), notify the Energy Management Office at 784-9176, and they will contact the HVAC Office.

  • If you want any additional energy saving tips for your specific facility, please send a request to