Exercise Beverly Herd 16-2 kicks off at Osan

OSAN AIR BASE, Republic of Korea --

Exercise Beverly Herd 16-2, a quarterly exercise flexing Team Osan’s war-fighting muscles, kicked off Aug. 23.

The base-wide exercise tests each unit’s ability to conduct their wartime mission successfully and be prepared to ‘fight tonight’.

“It is extremely important that we consistently exercise our abilities like this, keeping our strengths up and minimizing any weaknesses we find,” said Col. Cary Culbertson, 51st Fighter Wing vice commander.

One of the first events of the exercise involved an explosive ordnance disposal team from the 51st Civil Engineer Squadron responding to a suspicious vehicle in a parking lot. The EOD Airmen cleared the area by using their Andros F6 robot to inspect chemicals and suspicious objects found in the back of the vehicle.

“In the real world, we have to be able to work flawlessly so we can provide risk-based [recommendations] to the commander,” said Chief Master Sgt. Frank Roman, 51st Civil Engineer Squadron emergency management flight chief.

The week-long exercise is conducted throughout the entire base, but the focus is often on unit-level objectives and capability checks.

“The ability of our squadrons to accomplish their mission is the most fundamental part of Team Osan’s ‘Fight Tonight’ capabilities,” said Culbertson. “Whether it’s building the armaments, generating the aircraft or securing the base, the skill and aptitude of our ground-level Airmen and NCOs determines how effective we can be in a wartime scenario.”