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Who is the 51st Fighter Wing

To accomplish their mission, the men and women of the 51st Fighter Wing work in one of four groups: the Operations Group, Mission Support Group, Maintenance Group, or Medical Group. Over 20 squadrons comprise the four groups which includes two fighter squadrons: the 25th Fighter Squadron (A-10s), known as the "Assam Draggins" and the 36th Fighter Squadron (F-16s) known as the "Fiends".

Read the full 51st Fighter Wing fact sheet here.

Air Force Mission



-  -  To build resiliency skills within the Osan Community.

-  -  To connect the Osan Community to helping agencies.



-  Osan is an inherently stressful environment that challenges the resiliency of even the best prepared.


-  Mustang University provides an incentive for Team Osan to engage and connect while building their resiliency skills.


-  Mustang University was developed by the Community Action Team based upon a similar program used at Kunsan called Wolf Pack University.

-  The MU curriculum is comprised of over 40 activities in a mix of formal classroom, web based materials, and experiential activities.

- Anyone in the Osan Community can access MU via a link on the Osan Home Page. 

-   Class advisers are Master Resiliency Trainers who encourage and mentor participants as they develop and implement their individualized study plans. 

-   Members earn credits by completing an activity and each is weighted based upon time and effort necessary to complete. 

-    There are three levels of achievement and incentives:
          Bronze = 10 credits = Certificate
          Silver   = 20 credits = Certificate/Resiliency Coin
          Gold    = 30 credits = Certificate/Command Chief’s Coin



-  Mustang University provides opportunities for Osan personnel to grow as individuals and to connect with the community.

Public Affairs

51st Fighter Wing Public Affairs
Unit 2067
APO, AP, 96278-2067

Osan AB Operator
DSN: 315-784-1110

Public Affairs
DSN: 315-784-4044

Our Mission

51st Fighter Wing Mission
Defend the base, execute contingency operations, and sustain the force. Our wing with its fighter squadrons and myriad of base support agencies conduct a full spectrum of missions that provide for the defense of the Republic of Korea. Every member of the Team Osan is vital in maintaining stability in Northeast Asia.


PACAF delivers rapid and precise air, space and cyberspace capabilities to protect and defend the United States, its territories and our allies and partners; provides integrated air and missile warning and defense; promotes interoperability throughout the Area of Responsibility; maintains strategic access and freedom of movement across all domains; and is postured to respond across the full spectrum of military contingencies in order to restore regional security.

The command's vision is to provide combat-ready American Airmen who are the foundation of Pacific stability and security.

PACAF's AOR extends from the west coast of the United States to the east coast of Africa and from the Arctic to the Antarctic, covering more than 100 million square miles. The area is home to 50 percent of the world's population in 36 nations and over one-third of the global economic output. The Pacific region's vast size and complexity distinguishes it from other regions. In addition to China, the world's most populous country, India, the most populous democracy, and Indonesia, a secular democracy with the world's largest Islamic population, the Asia-Pacific region contains sixty percent of the world's population, with more than 1,000 languages spoken in 36 nations spread across 52 percent of the Earth's surface and 16 time zones.