Final Out processing Appointment

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Final Out-processing Appointment Important: You MUST be in uniform for your final out-processing appointment (ABU/Flight Suit/Blues)! Physical Training Uniform does not count as a duty uniform -Completed vOP checklist, all items must be checked off electronically.
-Squadron out-processing checklist (If applicable)
-Three (3) copies of your PCS orders/amendments
-Flight itinerary showing your departure from Osan
-Assignments Relocation Processing Memorandum (Signed by Commander/1st Sergeant)
-Medical and Dental records (only PRP or PPC requires)
-Flight Records (members on flying status only)
-Sealed Fitness assessment folder (if PPC requires)
-OJT records or transmittal letter (E6 and below)
-Please make sure you bring all original documents that you turned in to get your orders.
-Passports/Visa for dependents and member (if applicable)

Failure to have all required documents will delay your departure. Please arrive 15 minutes prior to your appointment.