Road Conditions

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For current road conditions, call 784-ROAD (7623), check the base facebook page, or tune to the Commander's Access Channel. Information is updated by the Osan command post.

For more information on road conditions for Osan AB, call the Law Enforcement Desk at:

Commercial: 031-661-5515
DSN: 784-5515

Road condition definitions:

  • Normal conditions, no restrictions
  • Bus service will continue to operate
  • POVs and taxis are operated for necessary trips only
  • Bicycle travel is prohibited
  • Maximum speed is 15 mph
  • GOVs, Snow removal and emergency vehicles only
  • POVs, taxis and buses are prohibited from movement
  • All bicycle operations are prohibited
  • Roads are impassable
  • All GOVs are prohibited from movement
  • Commercial vehicles may exit the base but not enter
  • POVs will be allowed to enter the base but will not be able to exit
  • POVs must be parked in the nearest available space