Driver's license

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For newly assigned personnel to Osan AB:

1. Schedule your POV drivers test through your unit VCO/VNCO and they will provide their personnel with the POV study guide (USFK 985-2 Guide to Safe Driving in Korea) and necessary paperwork to obtain a POV license.

2. Take test at building 1333, room 221 at the assigned time, bring all necessary paperwork and you MUST be in uniform.

3. If test is passed you will take your paperwork to building 765, Pass and ID. Once your paperwork is signed and approved, you will pick up license from the same building 765.

*NOTE* 51 SFS will assign a date and time for license pick up based on workload.

For personnel needing to renew their license:

1. Bring all necessary paperwork to Pass and ID (building 765)

*NOTE* 51st SFS will assign a date and time for license pick up based on workload

USFK 385-2 Guide to Safe Driving in Korea


To obtain a government license you must have a valid stateside license. Both military members and civilian employees are required to attend a Local Conditions Briefing given at the Newcomers' Orientation Briefing. If you have been stationed in Korea before but have been out of country more than one year, you must attend this briefing again. After attending this briefing you need to schedule a written driving test with your unit VCO/VNCO. You will need to bring your valid stateside license and AF Form 171 signed by your Vehicle Control Officer, and a prior military license (or your military driving record) to the schedule test. This is a 55-question test that you must score an 80 percent or above to pass. The test is on international road signs and local driving laws.

For additional information, please contact Operator Records and Licensing at DSN 784-6581/4568.