Spouse/dependent visitation

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In accordance with Air Force Instruction 32-6005, Unaccompanied Housing Management, guests (including non-command sponsored dependents) are not authorized cohabitation in a member's unaccompanied quarters. Paragraph 2.20, Social Visits, states:

"The commander establishes local policy regarding social visits. At minimum, guests must be at least 18 years old, be escorted at all times and are prohibited between hours 2400 - 0600 hours. Cohabitation is not authorized."

Anyone other than active duty military members planning to be in Korea more than 90 days will need a visa in their passport. Call finance at DSN: 315-784-1851 for information on entitlements; housing at DSN: 315-784-1840 for more details about quarters; Pass and ID at DSN 315-748-4489 for information on base passes for visiting family members. For more information on other local visitation policies, members are encouraged to contact their first sergeant.