Vehicle Registration

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Operating a Privately Owned Vehicle (POV) in Republic of Korea (ROK) is a conditional privilege granted by the ROK, the Commander, United States Forces Korea (USFK), and area commanders. Personnel who desire this privilege must:
(1) Comply with the laws governing motor vehicle operation in the ROK and on US Military installations.

(2) Be in one of the following categories to operate a motor vehicle and obtain a USFK driver's license:

a. Command sponsored status
b. Joint Spouse Assignment authorized a POV on PCS orders
c. A member of the US Armed Forces in the grade of E7 or above
d. A Department of Defense civilian in the grade of GS-5 or above or a
USFK invited contractor or technical representative.
e. A US citizen or third country national employed by invited contractors, who have SOFA privileges.
f. Any member of the USFK or its civilian components authorized shipment of a POV to the ROK.

VEHICLE REGISTRATION ON BASE: If you import your vehicle, you need the following:

1. Your original SOFA document (light green form) and two copies
2. Present valid proof of insurance in the registrants name in the amounts of $50,00/$100,000/$25,000
3. USFK vehicle safety inspection no more than 30 days old (obtained from the MWR Auto Hobby or the Base Service Station)
4. 14,000 Won (Exact Change), for the purchase of permanent plates
5. A valid USFK Form 134E (drivers license)
6. Your military/civilian ID card and orders, letter of employment, or 175R

If you are authorized to ship and register a vehicle, there is something else you should know. USFK policy allows only one vehicle per family, regardless if both spouses are active duty and work at different locations. Additionally, a motorcycle and a moped are classified as a motor vehicle. To register a second vehicle, you will need the approval of the 51st Security Forces Commander (final approval rests with 51st MSG/CC). To obtain approval to register two vehicles, present a typed letter (Exception to Policy) addressed to 51 SFS/CC explaining your situation in detail. Be advised, a small number of personnel are authorized to own two POVs. Justification must be of a mission essential nature.

For more information on Vehicle usage please review the following:

Shipping your Vehicle
Owner Exchange Requirements
Exception to Policy Memorandum for Second Vehicle
E-5 and E-6 Restricted Parking Memorandum

For additional information or guidance contact Osan AB Pass and Registration Section, DSN 784-4489.