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Space-R Travel

Space R Travel

Space R Travel

General Information

Space required passengers are typically passengers traveling on PCS or TDY orders, although a full list is available in DoDI 4515.13.

When your flight is coming up, please keep an eye on our Facebook page for any possible delays or updates.

Booking your flight

If you are PCSing, please contact your Travel Management Office (TMO) or Commercial Travel Office (CTO).

Otherwise, we encourage you to contact your TMO and CTO first for coordinating travel.  You may show up to the terminal to be possibly be booked as a Space R roll call passenger as well, however this is not a guaranteed method of getting a seat.

Checking In

When checking in, make sure to have your ID card, a copy of your orders, and any extra border clearance documents needed for you and your group members, if applicable.  We do not make copies of orders or print them out and do not have cac-enabled computers available for passenger use, so have a copy available for us or you will be turned away.

If you are checking in as a PCSer, please arrive before the “No Later Than” time on the travel reservation/itinerary from TMO/CTO or you will be turned away from check-in, no exceptions. 

We have Early Bird Check-In available for PCSers departing on the Patriot Express, from 1000-1800 the day prior to departure.  In order to utilize this service, please bring all of your bags (carry-on and checked), border clearance documents for your group (ID cards, passports, etc.), and an extra copy of your orders.

Please see the DOD Foreign Clearance Guide on a CAC enabled computer or the country’s U.S. embassy website for more details on country clearance requirements.


Space R travelers are authorized 2 pieces of checked baggage plus one carry on item and a personal item that fits under the seat.  Additionally, their orders may authorize them more bags.  If a member goes above their baggage allowance, they will have to pay a fee (currently $125.00) for each unit of excess baggage.

What to wear when traveling

Each service determines its own travel uniform policies, but typically PCSers do not have to wear uniforms. When civilian clothing is worn, use common sense. Attire should be in good taste and not in conflict with accepted attire in the overseas country of departure, transit, or destination, as defined by the DOD Foreign Clearance Guide. It should also be capable of keeping you warm, especially on military aircraft. 


As you prepare to PCS, please ensure you have appropriately sized and type of pet carrier(s) and the correct pet border clearance documents for departure from Korea.  On our Facebook page, we have both the HQ AMC and Osan AB pet guidelines – make sure to comply with both!