Space-A Travel

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Flight Information

The 72 hour flight schedule, monthly Patriot Express schedule, and additional information can be accessed on our Facebook page. You may also contact us at DSN 315-784-6883, or 0505-784-6883 from a commercial line.

How Space Available Works:

Per DoDI 4515.13; “There is no guarantee of transportation and reservations will not be accepted or made for any space-available traveler. The DoD is not obligated to continue an individual’s travel or return the individual to the point of origin or any other point.” In layman’s terms, when you sign up for Space Available travel, you are not reserving a seat on an aircraft. You are signing up for a standby listing where you may mark yourself present for any flight and then potentially be chosen for a seat. A brief overview of the process is below:

1. Gather all required documentation and sign up

2. Find a flight you would like to travel on using our 72 hour and PE schedules

3. Arrive at least 30 minutes prior to roll call and mark yourself present

4. Attend roll call and possibly be selected for the flight!


If you are not selected at a roll call, you may keep repeating steps 2-4 until you are selected for a flight or your signup expires (60 days or when your travel documents expire, whichever comes first).

Signing Up

To sign up for Space Available travel from Osan AB, you may either come in person to the terminal, or send an email to

When sending an email, we require the following information:

- Name (Last, First MI)

- Grade

- Branch of Service

- Date Leave Status begins and ends (Active duty only, must currently be on leave)

- Country Choices (Up to 5)

- Travel paperwork (leave orders, unaccompanied dependent travel memo)

When showing up to be marked present for roll call, please have the following:

- DOD ID Card for Active Duty and Dependents over the age of 10

- Passports for dependents, retirees, and DOD civilians

- Travel paperwork (leave orders, unaccompanied dependent travel memo, etc.)


We may require additional information for flights traveling to locations other than the CONUS or certain categories of passengers. Please see the DOD Foreign Clearance Guide on a CAC enabled computer or the embassy website for more details on country clearance requirements as well as DODI 4515.13, Air Transportation Eligibility for sign-up requirements.

Roll Call

Roll Call proceeds down the list of passengers that have marked themselves present in the terminal at the Passenger Service Counter prior to the start of roll call and selects passengers for open seats. In order to be eligible for the roll call, you must be travel ready; that includes having all of your group and baggage in the terminal, having all required travel paperwork, checked out of lodging, and having your car parked in long-term parking (which is not available at the Passenger Terminal).

Roll call order goes first by Category, and then Date/Time of signup. Be sure to pay attention, as if your name is called twice and you do not proceed to the roll call counter, you must wait until the end of roll call to compete for a seat again. If you are selected for a flight at roll call, proceed to check in.

Space Available Travel Categories

Space Available travel is separated into six categories with Category I being the highest priority. The following is a partial listing of the most common types of travelers in each category, a complete listing is available in DOD 4515.13.

Category I - Emergency Leave

Category II - Environmental and Morale Leave (Active duty)*

Category III - Ordinary Leave (Active duty)

Category IV - Unaccompanied dependents on EML**

Category V - Unaccompanied dependents**

Category VI - Retired military members


* - EML members must have USPACOM FORM 505

** - Unaccompanied dependents must have an unaccompanied dependent travel memo