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There are open markets as well as a multitude of indoor shops. The smells can be very strong. Contrary to what others believe, Korea is a very expensive place to shop. Be prepared to bargain with shopkeepers in the open markets and small shops. Do not be rude if the shopkeeper does not come down to your price. Compromise is the name of the game. Bargaining may not be appropriate in larger stores, or exclusive shops. If prices are marked on items, the price is usually non-negotiable.

If you order something from a Korean shopkeeper, and it is not ready on the designated date, be patient. They may have given you an earlier date than possible, because they wanted to please you, not because it was realistic. It is a good policy to put as little money down as possible for a deposit on any item ordered at a shop. If you decide you do not want the item, or are displeased with the item, you will generally not get your deposit back. Satisfaction is not guaranteed.

Many shopkeepers speak some English. Some do not. There is much room for miscommunication. If you are in a dispute with a vendor, do not engage in a shouting match or physical exchange. This would only exacerbate the situation.