Emergencies in transit

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In the event of an emergency enroute, contact your sponsor or the military personnel office at the nearest military installation for help in notifying your gaining organization. If you do not know the extension number, you can contact your unit through the Osan base operator, DSN 315-784-1110 or by calling commercially to 011-82-31-661-1110. If you cannot reach your unit, please contact the base Military Personnel Flight's (MPF) Customer Service Section at DSN 315-784-1845. If upon your arrival, your sponsor fails to meet you, also call that number for assistance. If you arrive after duty hours, report to the billeting office, Bldg 771, DSN 315-784-1844. The billeting office is designated as the 24-hr arrival point and may assist you in contacting your sponsor.

If luggage is lost, you will need to file a claim before leaving airport. The airline will deliver it to the respective base. However, they will only deliver it to the gate. Member will have to ensure they have a contact phone number for the airlines to arrange an approximate time to meet at the gate for the exchange.