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Osan frequently experiences a shortage of permanent quarters and on-base lodging. You or your sponsor should make billeting reservations if permanent quarters will not be available upon your arrival. Reservations for the base's Turumi Lodge can be made by calling DSN: 315-784-1844. Turumi also works with seven contract hotels available as additional quarters. Many of the facilities do not meet stateside standards. They vary in size, quality, and require double occupancy for some grades. As a result, the term "confirmed billeting reservations" means lodging will be available when you arrive; however, it could be either on or off base. However, E-4s and below receive priority placement in on-base lodging. If you stay in lodging, check with the housing office NLT than the next duty day after arrival, failure to do so can impact your TLA reimbursement.

Update: Pet rooms are now available on a limited basis.