Korean Air Simulation Center

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The establishment of the Korean Air Simulation Center at Osan Air Base, Republic of Korea makes air and space power modeling and simulation a permanent fixture on the Korean peninsula. It serves as a valuable resource to the Korean Combined Forces Command, the U.S. Air Force and Defense Department.

The KASC uses modeling and simulation technology to enable an array of computer and software tools to create graphically represented, synthetic environments for training and mission planning that challenge decision makers while testing strategy, plans and doctrine.

The KASC specifically focuses on air and space power modeling and simulation and is one of two centers outside the United States. In the past, the modeling and simulation tools that were used during Ulchi Focus Lens had to be flown in from the United States, set up, and tested -- an expensive, several-week ordeal. Following the exercise, the reverse would occur. Now that the sophisticated modeling and simulation tools are in place year-round, the time and resources available for training have increased dramatically.

The center's powerful modeling and simulation tools provide benefits to the combined forces commander, air component commander, and down through the squadron level. The models allow for practicing the execution of air and space tasking orders for missions, whether strike, reconnaissance, inter-theater airlift, logistics, unmanned aerial vehicles or maintenance. The models and simulations allow the same people who are doing their jobs in wartime to walk through the decision making process -- in exactly the same manner they would if hostilities were to occur.

The Korea Air Simulation Center (KASC) provides simulation support for UFL, RSOI, and Yama Sakura exercises. During UFL, KASC is connected to the Korean Battle Simulation Center in Seoul, Camp Casey, and four other sites in Korea and in CONUS. This Joint Training Confederation allows the Army, Air Force, Navy, and Marines along with their Korean counterparts the ability to exercise in a realistic simulation environment. The KASC hosts the Air Force specific models along with the necessary contollers to meet the needs of the Combined Forces Commander and the Air Component Command.

Modeling and simulation, leveraged by DIS is revolutionizing exercises such as Ulchi Focus Lens, and ultimately the way the armed services train. The ability to distribute modeling and simulation globally will position the KASC to become one of the premier modeling and simulation centers in the Air Force. Continuing advances in technology promise to make the center a resource that is in great demand by units throughout the Korean theater, Pacific Air Forces, and other units interested in air and space power modeling and simulation throughout the world.