Command vs. Non-command sponsored benefits

What is the current accompanied/unaccompanied tour policy? Who is eligible to bring a command-sponsored family?  What benefits would you have if you decide to bring your spouse and family over as Non-Command Sponsored?

The current accompanied/unaccompanied tour policy is governed by Joint Federal Travel Regulation (JFTR) & USFK Reg 614-1.  The JFTR sets unaccompanied tour lengths at 12 months and accompanied tours may be 24 or 36 months.  The Command Sponsorship Programs provides a systematic method of allocating CSP among Priority 1 (Key Billet), Priority 2 (Component Commander Mission Continuity Requirements), and Priority 3 (Component Commander-Managed CS billets) to enhance mission readiness throughout Korea and promote continuity, predictability and stability.  All service members are eligible to request command sponsorship.  For more information, please read USFK Regulation 614-1 Military Command Sponsorship Program or contact the Osan Military Personnel Office at 784-4354.

Command-Sponsored families enjoy the same benefits and privileges similar to any other overseas location.  There are some unique aspects of living in Korea, such as Non-Combatant Evacuation Operations (NEO) exercises, Ration Control, and other minor restrictions.  Only 8% of the families at Osan AB are Command Sponsored.  The vast majority of personnel come to Osan on an unaccompanied one-year assignment.  Osan has the largest dormitory inventory in the operational Air Force and all unaccompanied E-6 and below are not authorized to ship or purchase a vehicle.

If you are thinking about bringing your family as Non-Command Sponsored to Korea, you will need to be aware of the various benefits and restrictions.  Due to operational requirements for supporting the Republic of Korea, the military member is not guaranteed to be able to live offbase with the family.  There will be restrictions on vehicles and registration in the onbase DODEA school system.