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MAKE OSAN BETTER 15-013: More Gym Equipment at Satellite Facilities

My position as an ADL, I get an opportunity to speak to numerous folks. With that said, a lot of people have mentioned that main gym facility is too crowded. I've ask my associates and residents, if they had any suggestions. So far (See Below)

If possible; could more equipment be added to the satellite facilities (smaller gyms).

Thank you for the feedback and especially for being in touch with the issues raised by your residents as an ADL.  We've equipped the satellite facilities with the maximum number of items that we could within the parameters allowed.   These are not satellite gyms because we are not permitted nor funded and manned to support multiple fitness centers.  The equipment we've put in the satellite facilities are low maintenance and do not require a contract or FSS personnel to maintain them (another stipulation).

We are planning to incorporate the SFS building (next to the PT Pad) as a part of the Fitness Center once the Defenders move to their new facility (2016).  This semi expansion will help to alleviate some of the overcrowding.  We already have a planned project for the main gym but this will take some time running the wickets for military construction funding and execution.

We are excited to know that the satellite fitness areas are being utilized!

CMSgt T. Greene
51st Fighter Wing Command Chief Master Sergeant
"Mustang Chief"