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Make Osan Better 15-001: Lack of Motorcycle Safety Training at Osan AB

Subject: Motorcycle Safety Training

Concern: Lack of Motorcycle Safety Training at Osan AB

Response: We looked into this issue and have partnered with Camp Humphreys to provide a Motorcycle Safety Course opportunity. Just go to https://imc.army.mil/airs. The USAG Humphreys CAC is the point for registration. The CAC can be reached at 753-8825. If you cannot access the website, contact 51 FW/SEG at DSN: 784-1842 or 51fwseg@us.af.mil, and they can help you sign up for a course.

For active duty it is free, for all others it is $250 per person.

The first class is 23-24 May, 2015, and will be held every weekend thereafter.

We are sorry we cannot offer a class here, but Humphreys is only 30 minutes away and allows for a cost effective DOD solution. While we do have instructors on base, we do not have motorcycles or a training pad that meets AFI requirements.  Motorcycles would have to be purchased and a pad designed and built from scratch.  We have neither the space available on Osan or the funds to support these acquisitions with the demand for motorcycle training here at Osan being very small.

Specific Instructions for signing up for the Motorcycle Safety Course can be found here.