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Make Osan Better 15-003: Trash Dumpsters Cause Trash to Collect

Subject: Trash Dumpsters Cause Trash to Collect

Concern: Trash dumpsters are poorly designed and cause trash to collect around them. Wind then blows trash everywhere and trash collectors do not seem to care that they leave trash everywhere after transferring from poorly designed dumpster to truck manually

Response: I agree...the system and equipment we have in place keep
us from keeping Osan litter free. We have been working this problem for a while and thankfully got additional funding to replace some of the receptacles near the dorms and work centers.  We also begun having our quality assurance person traveling around with the contractor to correct them when they do not remove trash properly. Interestingly, the kind of dumpsters you describe above are not available here and contractors do not have the trucks to lift and empty them like we do in the US. So...you read our minds with your suggestion. 

The 51st Civil Engineer Squadron is looking into ways to further increase this oversight and demand the contractor does the best with what they have and get trash into the truck.  You should see the quality of the current type of dumpster improve and alongside each and every one of us disposing of trash properly, and correcting those who do not, we should have a much cleaner base.