Household Goods and POVs

Whether your assignment to Korea is accompanied or unaccompanied, carefully consider the amount of household goods you ship. Military family housing and dormitories have limited square footage and storage space. However, for accompanied members in particular, you will want to work closely with the housing office, DSN: 315-784-1840, to determine which facility you will be living in. Mustang Valley Village's housing units average is approximately 800 sq. ft., however there is a new and more spacious on-base accommodation recently built and currently being filled with units containing square footage of approximately 1300 to 1600 sq. ft.

Appliances and other electrical equipment designed for use in the United States will operate in on-base housing in Korea. Please note that if you plan to live in on-base family housing, you will be provided a washer and dryer. Voltage off base is 220. Many of the newer apartments and homes off base have both 110 and 220 outlets, which is something to look for if you are authorized to live off base. Also, while many people bring their personal computers to Korea, if it's an expensive model, you may wish to leave it in the United States. Frequent power outages may damage the system.

Your household goods and hold baggage will be inspected when they arrive in Korea. The baggage that you bring aboard the aircraft with you will be inspected by customs officials when you arrive. You can speed up the process by making a list of all electronic items such as cameras, radios, CD or tape players and include approximate values and manufacturers' model and serial numbers.

Travel Management Office -- New arrivals
For all the New Arrivals, first welcome to Korea! To begin your TMO inbound processes for the delivery of your personal property go to and log-into DPS. Click on the DOD Service Members and Civilians link which provides a step by step guide on how to schedule your house hold goods (HHG) delivery. From the left menu screen click on the DPS How-to-Guides, then select one of the three main guides needed for your inbound shipment ;either Personal Info Update, Requesting Delivery, or Filing a claim.

Only E7s and above are authorized to ship automobiles to Korea; you should work with the MPF at your losing installation to ensure that this is indicated on your orders. However, bicycles, buses, taxi cabs and trains are popular and relatively inexpensive means of transportation throughout the Republic of Korea.

For more information call TMO at 784-1848 or 784-6019, or like them on Facebook at 51st LRS - TMO (Osan AB), for additional Osan information and online questions and answers. You can also click here to view step-by-step instructions for shipping your POV to Korea.