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Location: Osan Air Base, Bldg 777
Hours of Operation: 5 a.m. - 5 p.m., Monday - Friday
Clinic Contact Number: DSN 784-3627 Off Base/Cell 031-661-3627

Off Base: Dial 119 for Korean Emergency Services, as we are not authorized to respond off base
On Base: 911
Cell phone: 031-661-911

Welcome to the 51st Medical Group Pediatric Clinic. We are the Medical Home for over 960 patients from birth through age 18. Together, our staff, which includes one pediatrician, one nurse, and two medical technicians, sees over 3600 visits annually. We provide newborn and infant well baby visits, regular well child care, and routine visits to evaluate non-urgent as well as chronic medical conditions. Asthma, ADD/ADHD, obesity... bring it on! Acute illness appointments are available same day to manage any urgent care needs. Your health care team is always available to answer your questions, as well as providing you with helpful home advice with the MiCARE Messaging System. All MiCARE messages left to your team will be answered within 72 hours and every effort is made to reach you as soon as possible.

The 51st Medical Group Pediatric Clinic MiCARE Appointment Messaging System is monitored from 6:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m., Monday-Friday excluding Holidays and Down Days. For appointments and answers to your questions, please register with MiCARE by clicking 
HERE (*note, when creating your account keep the country United States and use set-up wizard to add your command sponsored children).

 We provide medical screening exams to all patients requesting care, regardless of severity of illness. Patients will be seen in order of severity of Illness, not first come, first served. Patients requiring prompt medical attention will receive treatment until the condition improves and/or transfer to a local civilian facility is arranged. Patients with non-emergent conditions may be referred back to their Pediatric Provider or specialist for further management.

The 51st Medical Group pharmacy is for prescriptions ordered by the 51MDG providers. We provide up to a 90-day supply of formulary medications at the provider's discretion based on drug availability. The pharmacy will transfer and fill prescriptions from other military facilities within 7-14 working days. We will only transfer approved formulary medications. There are no prescription transfers from civilian pharmacies. Prescription refill requests must be phoned in by calling 784-2186 or via
Tricare Online and are ready for pick-up the next duty day at 10:00 am.

What is PCMH?
PCMH is an active approach to establish a "Medical Home" for everyone - this means improved continuity of care! Your healthcare needs are coordinated by your pediatric provider who is leading a team of medical professionals providing continuous comprehensive and personalized prevention based health care.

The key to PCMH and continuity of care is you should not have to worry about seeing a different provider each time you visit the clinic. Every effort will be made to ensure your child is cared for by the same pediatric health care team (technician, nurse, & provider) every time your child visits the clinic. Improved continuity means better medical management. If you are dissatisfied with your Primary Care Manager (PCM), please feel free to speak with a 51 MDG Tri-Care representative to discuss your options. We strive to meet all the medical needs through your "Pediatric Medical Home".

We are leading the way in the Air Force because we are committed to providing you fast and convenient access to your pediatric healthcare team. Through effective communication and building of continuous healing relationships you will receive the resources you need to care for your children.