Installation Access for Guests

There are two types of guest passes, know which type you are receiving.               

96 Hour Pass:  Temporary visitors must be registered and escorted with passes issued up to a maximum of 96 hours (as determined by the time the guest is signed in).  Guests on 96 hour passes are PROHIBITED from staying in unaccompanied housing (dormitories). If a sponsor voluntarily leaves the installation with their guest with intentions of returning, de-registering the guest is not necessary as long as both the sponsor and guest return together. Visitors must either be re-registered by an authorized escort or de-registered by their sponsor and exit the installation after each 96 hour period. Note: A guest pass does not exempt a US military member from established curfew hours. This must be taken into consideration when escorting a guest from the Doolittle Gate.  

Short Term Visitor Pass:  Personnel visiting assigned USFK members may receive an UNESCORTED USFK Form 37EK identification card valid up to 60 days. The visitor in this category typically does not live in the ROK and access is granted for the purpose of visiting DoD personnel residing on base. Short term visitor pass requests will also not be accepted for sponsors who reside in unaccompanied housing (dormitories), e.g. local nationals who are a girlfriend or boyfriend etc. Exceptions are limited to visiting family members (parents, siblings, etc.).

In accordance with 51 FW 31-113, non-Korean personnel, including US citizens, must present a valid passport with current visa stamp (provided if landing at Osan PAX terminal) or ROK computerized alien registration card (provided if landing at Incheon) and must exchange another form of valid photo ID such as a driver's license for escorted entry into Osan Air Base. 

Sponsors should submit a completed USFK Form 82-E to the Pass & Registration office at least 30 days prior to the visit.

방문객 패스
주한미군 양식 82-E 신청서

USFK FORM 82-E Application for Installation Access


Use of DBIDS to escort guests is mandatory; if a sponsor is unable to capture their Digital Fingerprint Minutia Data (DFMD), escorting will not be permitted; they must report to building 765 to recapture their DFMD.

The sponsor and guest(s) must appear together at all times.

The sponsor will retain the guest pass until they sign their guest(s) off.