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A-10 takeoff


This page contains links and resources of Osan Air Base, home of the 51st Fighter Wing. To learn about our leaders access the Biographies page.  For information on aircraft and other fact please visit our Fact Sheets page.  For additional base information, visit our Units page. For command information, visit the Pacific Air Forces Web site. For general Air Force information, visit Air Force Link.

Osan Air Base History

Osan Air Base is one of two major airfields  the U.S.operates from in Korea and the only U.S. Air Force facility in the Republic of Korea built from scratch during the Korean War. The base is located 4.7 miles southwest of the town of Osan, for which it is named, and 40 miles south of Seoul, the capital city. Prior to the invasion of South Korea by the North Korean communists in 1950, the area consisted of several tiny farming villages near the hillsides and a large number of rice paddy areas where the runway now is. A large Gingko Tree marked the village square of one of these villages and still stands on a hill in the base golf course. Click here for more Osan History.