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The 51st Maintenance Group supports maintenance for Osan’s fleet of A-10, F-16, and tenant U-2 aircraft to enable day or night air strike control, counter air, interdiction, close air support, and operational reconnaissance missions in defense of the ROK. Additionally, the Group provides robust daily support to USAF, Joint, and Alliance forces assigned to 7th Air Force (7 AF), US Forces Korea (USFK), and the ROK/US Combined Forces Command (CFC). The Group also plays a critical role in gaining and integrating follow-on forces, to include CSAR and multi-role fighter units. The Group consists of over 1,400 maintainers divided among three squadrons that are responsible for accomplishing on and off-equipment maintenance on Osan’s 27 F-16 C/D and 24 A-10C aircraft. In addition to Osan’s aircraft, the Maintenance Group also maintains Pacific Air Forces’ (PACAF) second largest munitions stockpile, worth 1.75 billion dollars and over 500 pieces of Aerospace Ground Equipment (AGE) as well as supports more than 2,000 Transient Alert sorties per year.



  • 51st Maintenance Squadron (51 MXS)
    • The 51st MXS consists of 420 maintainers that comprise six flights: Fabrication, Avionics, Aerospace Ground Equipment (AGE), Maintenance, Precision Measurement Equipment Laboratory (PMEL), and Accessories. Together these flights are responsible for on and off-equipment and support equipment maintenance and repair in support of Osan’s fleet of 52 fighter aircraft.
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  • 51st Munitions Squadron (51 MUNS)
    • The 51st MUNS consists of over 300 munitions maintainers that are divided among four flights: Armament, Materiel, Production, and Systems. Together these flights are responsible for maintaining Osan’s stockpile of munitions worth approximately 1.75 billion dollars as well as the systems that are utilized by the aircraft in order to deliver weapons such as the guns and bomb racks.
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