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The SAPR Program reinforces the Air Force's commitment to prevention through the development, implementation and assessment of policies and programs to prevent and respond to sexual assault. These policies and programs are designed to empower Airmen to serve as catalysts for attitude and behavior changes, fostering an environment that cultivates a culture of dignity, mutual respect and trust. Furthermore, the Air Force is committed to introducing comprehensive prevention initiatives with continued focus on building both individual and community collaboration to promote social change. The Air Force's goal is to provide exemplary support throughout victim reporting, response, victim advocacy, investigations and offender accountability when a sexual assault occurs.

If you or someone you know has been the victim of sexual assault please call the Osan SAPR 24 hour hotline at DSN: 784-7272 or Comm: 031-661-7272. Our office is located in building 937 room 114.

For other resources you can use the DoD Safe Helpline for 24/7 confidential counseling and support. Visit https://safehelpline.org/ or call 877-995-5247 for more information.

Who is eligible for SAPR services?

  • Active duty members

  • Active duty dependents, ages 18+

  • AF Reserve and ANG members in Title 10 Status

  • Air Force civilian (appropriated and non-appropriated) employees

  • DoD civilian employee’s dependents, ages 18+ when OCONUS

  • U.S. citizen DoD contractor personnel when OCONUS

Restricted Report

  • Command is NOT notified

  • Investigation is NOT initiated

  • SARC/Volunteer Victim Advocate (VVA) assistance available

  • Special Victims’ Counsel available

  • Medical treatment/SAFE available

  • Counseling services available

  • Can make unrestricted reporting decision at a later date

Unrestricted Report

  • Command is notified

  • Investigation is initiated

  • SARC/Volunteer Victim Advocate (VVA) assistance

  • Special Victims’ Counsel available

  • Medical Treatment/SAFE available

  • Counseling services available

  • Expedited Transfer option available

  • No Contact Order/Military Protective Order available

How to become a Victim Advocate

If you would like to become a Victim Advocate or have questions for the Osan SAPR office please send an email to 51FWCVK@us.af.mil, call DSN: 784-2832/1036/5057 or stop by the SAPR office located in building 937 room 114.

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