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Mustangs selected for staff sergeant

Air Force officials selected 13,864 senior airmen for promotion to staff sergeant in the 20E5 promotion cycle. The promotion list will post Sept. 24. (U.S. Air Force graphic by Staff Sgt. Sahara L. Fales)

OSAN AIR BASE, Republic of Korea --

Congratulations to the 51st Fighter Wing Airmen selected for promotion this week. 332 senior airmen were selected to the rank of staff sergeant Sept. 24, 2020.

Air Force-wide statistics are 13,864 senior airmen were selected for promotion to staff sergeant out of 33,341 eligible resulting in a 41.58 percent selection rate.

Keep up the hard work and dedication, STAMPEDE!


Staff sergeant selects

Abella, Robert, 51st Maintenance Squadron

Abrams, Justin, 303rd Intelligence Squadron

Alnaama, Deema, 51st Maintenance Group

Alvarez, Khadijah, 51st Munitions Squadron

Amador, Adrian, 51st Logistics Readiness Squadron

Ancheta, Jayvin, 51st Communications Squadron

ANDERSON, Anphany, 51st Civil Engineer Squadron

Anderson, Jacob, 51st Munitions Squadron

Andradegutierrez, Eduardo, 51st Maintenance Squadron

Andreen, Austin, 51st Aircraft Maintenance Squadron

Aragon, Alexis, 51st Logistics Readiness Squadron

Arauz, Ronald, 51st Aircraft Maintenance Squadron

Arce, Adrian, 51st Logistics Readiness Squadron

Arend, Cory, 51st Logistics Readiness Squadron

Arradaza, Shanelle, 51st Operations Support Squadron

Artley, Christian, 51st Maintenance Squadron

Atwood, Trevin, 51st Aircraft Maintenance Squadron

Avila, Johnson, 51st Security Forces Squadron

Babcock, Isaac, 51st Security Forces Squadron

Bailey, Bryon, 51st Logistics Readiness Squadron

Baker, Micheal, 51st Maintenance Squadron

Bardolf, Fawcett, 51st Aircraft Maintenance Squadron

Batson, Michael, 51st Maintenance Squadron

Bear, Chase, 51st Logistics Readiness Squadron

Beem, Niles, 51st Aircraft Maintenance Squadron

Benjamin, Noah, 51st Civil Engineer Squadron

Bennett, Dustin, 51st Munitions Squadron

Bergemann, Garrett, 6th Intelligence Squadron

Bernard, Alex, 694th Intelligence Squadron

Bernard, Jonathan, 51st Security Forces Squadron

Betts, Chaya, 51st Civil Engineer Squadron

Beveridge, Colby, 303rd Intelligence Squadron

Bigrig, Marc, 51st Aircraft Maintenance Squadron

Blackburn, Scott, 51st Maintenance Squadron

Blakely, Michael, 51st Aircraft Maintenance Squadron

Bonaparte, Brandon, 51st Maintenance Squadron

Boone, Kyle, 51st Maintenance Squadron

Boykins, Saravia, 51st Aircraft Maintenance Squadron

Bradshaw, Thelma, 51st Maintenance Squadron

Brainard, James, 303rd Intelligence Squadron

Branscum, Xavier, 303rd Intelligence Squadron

Breniser, Kaylee, 51st Logistics Readiness Squadron

Bridges, Robert, 51st Medial Support Squadron

Brooks, Matthew, 51st Security Forces Squadron

Brown, Faith, 51st Munitions Squadron

Brown, Nathan, 51st Security Forces Squadron

Brown, Timothy, 51st Maintenance Squadron

Buhrman, Jacob, 303rd Intelligence Squadron

Bui, Bill, 303rd Intelligence Squadron

Bussell, Holland, 51st Operations Support Squadron

Cabrera, Cristian, 51st Maintenance Group

Calais, Sharday, 51st Comptroller Squadron

Campbell, Vincent, 51st Logistics Readiness Squadron

Campo, Seir Andrew, 6th Intelligence Squadron

Canfield, Zeth, 51st Aircraft Maintenance Squadron

Cantrell, Tayah, 6th Intelligence Squadron

Carpenter, Jared, 36th Fighter Squadron

Carroll, Tiffany, 51st Operations Support Squadron

Carter, Ashton, 51st Maintenance Squadron

Carter, Autumn, 51st Logistics Readiness Squadron

Castillo, Elijah, 51st Logistics Readiness Squadron

Caston, Shamar, 51st Logistics Readiness Squadron

Castro, Jesus, 51st Operations Support Squadron

Chen, Kevin, 303rd Intelligence Squadron

Chirwisa, Gloire, 51st Communications Squadron

Churchill, Schuyler, 51 Force Support Squadron

Coleman, Rhoshawn, 51st Civil Engineer Squadron

Coles, Aaron, 51st Aircraft Maintenance Squadron

Colvin, Michael, 51st Munitions Squadron

Copper, Bryen, 303rd Intelligence Squadron

Coury, Nicholas, 51st Civil Engineer Squadron

Couture, Alec, 51st Munitions Squadron

Covarrubias, Luis, 694th Intelligence Squadron

Cox, Zachary, 51st Civil Engineer Squadron

Craig, Joshua, 51st Operations Support Squadron

Darling, Camryn, 25th Fighter Squadron

David, Desiree, 51st Operations Support Squadron

David, Kyra, 51st Logistics Readiness Squadron

Davila, Sean, 51st Munitions Squadron

Davis, William, 51st Maintenance Group

Deboma, Tawni, 51st Healthcare Operations Squadron

Delgado, Justin, 51st Logistics Readiness Squadron

Desormeau, Connor, 51st Aircraft Maintenance Squadron

Diaz, Yordan, 51st Maintenance Squadron

Dietrich, Logan, 51st Aircraft Maintenance Squadron

Dinardo, Dean, 18th Intelligence Squadron

Diorio, Robert, 51st Logistics Readiness Squadron

Distad, Natasha, 51st Civil Engineer Squadron

Drost, Alex, 51st Munitions Squadron

Earvolino, Jesse, 51st Security Forces Squadron

Eastman, Bowen, 51st Munitions Squadron

Echevarria, Lopez, 51st Medial Support Squadron

Echols, Brianna, 51st Logistics Readiness Squadron

Eddy, Joshua, 7th Air Force

Edwards, Jordan, 51st Logistics Readiness Squadron

Ellison, Elan, 51st Civil Engineer Squadron

Emayo, Alika, 303rd Intelligence Squadron

Emmons, Benjamin, 51st Maintenance Squadron

Engelman, Erich, 51st Aircraft Maintenance Squadron

Enriquez, Rielly, 51st Logistics Readiness Squadron

Erwin, Ryan, 51st Security Forces Squadron

Estevez, Ramar, 51st Maintenance Squadron

Fasano, Branden, 51st Logistics Readiness Squadron

Faustin, Reginald, 51st Aircraft Maintenance Squadron

Fink, Joshua, 303rd Intelligence Squadron

Fite, Dennis, 51st Logistics Readiness Squadron

Fogleman, Joshua, 51st Logistics Readiness Squadron

Fontenot, Willis, 51st Maintenance Group

Franklin, James, 51st Aircraft Maintenance Squadron

Fuller, Derek, 51st Healthcare Operations Squadron

Galan, Marcos Jr, 51st Communications Squadron

Gault, Miles, 6th Intelligence Squadron

Gee, Cody, 51st Maintenance Squadron

Genne, Blaise, 51st Aircraft Maintenance Squadron

George, Benjamin, 51st Logistics Readiness Squadron

Germenis, Joshua, 51st Munitions Squadron

Gico, Christian, 51st Aircraft Maintenance Squadron

Gilson, William, 51st Civil Engineer Squadron

Gindermill, Kolton, 51st Security Forces Squadron

Gleaton, Abigayle, 51st Security Forces Squadron

Gomand, Mark, 303rd Intelligence Squadron

Gomez, Jose, 51 Force Support Squadron

Gomez, Zavala, 51st Civil Engineer Squadron

Gooden, Khyron, 51st Security Forces Squadron

Gray, Brandon, 51st Operations Support Squadron

Green, Jonathan, 51st Comptroller Squadron

Grey, Eric, 51st Operations Support Squadron

Griego, Quiana, 51st Civil Engineer Squadron

Griffin, Aminah, 51 Force Support Squadron

Gross, Trevor, 51st Maintenance Squadron

Grutas, James, 51st Maintenance Squadron

Guidry, Taylor, 51st Maintenance Squadron

Gutierrez, Joe, 51st Munitions Squadron

Hagan, Terrance, 694th Intelligence Squadron

Hairston, Carlin, 51st Maintenance Squadron

Halliburton, Gabrie, 51st Logistics Readiness Squadron

Hannon, Tyrik, 51st Security Forces Squadron

Hardie, Jason, 51 Force Support Squadron

Hart, Alexander, 51st Aircraft Maintenance Squadron

Hartman, Seth, 51st Civil Engineer Squadron

Hatler, Joshua, 51st Operations Support Squadron

Henderson, Corey, 51st Civil Engineer Squadron

Henson, Arisa, 51 Force Support Squadron

Hernandezgarcia, Adriel, 51st Aircraft Maintenance Squadron

Ho, Matthew, 303rd Intelligence Squadron

Holbrook, Amaru, 51st Munitions Squadron

Holcomb, Eric, 51st Communications Squadron

Hollie, Skylair, 51st Civil Engineer Squadron

Honse, Michael, 51st Aircraft Maintenance Squadron

Hoover, Joseph, 303rd Intelligence Squadron

Horne, Geron, 51st Logistics Readiness Squadron

Howitt, Tristen, 51st Aircraft Maintenance Squadron

Hughes, Jessica, 51st Operational Medical Readiness Squadron

Ibarra, Will, 303rd Intelligence Squadron

Jackson, Austin, 51st Munitions Squadron

Jessie, James, 51st Logistics Readiness Squadron

Johnson, Justin, 51st Civil Engineer Squadron

Johnson, Kyle, 51st Security Forces Squadron

Jonas, Hazkell, 51 Force Support Squadron

Jones, Alexander, 51st Security Forces Squadron

Jones, Caitlyne, 6th Intelligence Squadron

Jones, Paul, 51st Aircraft Maintenance Squadron

Juhasz, Douglas, 51st Security Forces Squadron

Kinsey, Juwan, 303rd Intelligence Squadron

Kirkham, Scott, 51st Aircraft Maintenance Squadron

Klitzke, Benjamin, 51st Aircraft Maintenance Squadron

Knight, Dustin, 51st Security Forces Squadron

Kruzel, Cody, 51st Aircraft Maintenance Squadron

Lafountain, Logan, 51st Munitions Squadron

Lam, Shawn, 303rd Intelligence Squadron

Lammers, Ryan, 51st Logistics Readiness Squadron

Lane, Celina, 51st Logistics Readiness Squadron

Larkin, Trevor, 51st Aircraft Maintenance Squadron

Lax, Alexandra, 51st Maintenance Squadron

Le, Ming, 51st Logistics Readiness Squadron

Leaphart, Shane, 51st Civil Engineer Squadron

Lee, Justin, 51st Aircraft Maintenance Squadron

Leonard, Brett, 51st Maintenance Squadron

Levigne, Matthew, 51st Munitions Squadron

Lisk, Samuel, 51st Aircraft Maintenance Squadron

Lofland, Robby, 51st Communications Squadron

Long, Devon, 51st Munitions Squadron

Longino, Kurt, 51st Aircraft Maintenance Squadron

Looney, Tucker, 51st Civil Engineer Squadron

Lopez, Jose De Jesus, 51st Logistics Readiness Squadron

Lopez, Kristina, 51st Maintenance Group

Loyd, Kadel, 694th Intelligence Squadron

Lucca, Anthony, 51st Communications Squadron

Lynch, Niko, 51st Logistics Readiness Squadron

Madeira, Michael, 51st Security Forces Squadron

Mahan, Daniel, 51st Medial Support Squadron

Mahomes, Diamond, 51st Munitions Squadron

Mangold, Jeremy, 51st Civil Engineer Squadron

Manor, Joshua, 51st Aircraft Maintenance Squadron

Markoya, Matthew, 51st Munitions Squadron

Martey, Jacob, 303rd Intelligence Squadron

Maska, Zachary, 51st Operations Support Squadron

May, Michael, 51st Logistics Readiness Squadron

Mc Ginnis, Anthony, 7th Air Force

Mccarthy, Ratchanon, 51st Logistics Readiness Squadron

Mccord, Lorenzo, 51st Munitions Squadron

Mcfadden, Matthew, 51st Maintenance Squadron

Mcglothlin, Collin, 51st Communications Squadron

Mcgonigal, Jonathan, 51st Aircraft Maintenance Squadron

Mcintyre, Lorenzo, 694th Intelligence Squadron

Medina, Peter, 51st Civil Engineer Squadron

Mejia, Alex, 51st Aircraft Maintenance Squadron

Mems, Desmon, 51st Logistics Readiness Squadron

Mendez, Heather, 51st Logistics Readiness Squadron

Merida, Monzon, 51st Logistics Readiness Squadron

Mevis, Johnathan, 51 Force Support Squadron

Mikkola, Leonard, 694th Intelligence Squadron

Miller, Alexa, 51st Healthcare Operations Squadron

Miller, Joffee, 51st Aircraft Maintenance Squadron

Miranda, Andres, 51st Operations Support Squadron

Mitchell, Jacob, 51st Aircraft Maintenance Squadron

Montalvo, Joshua, 51st Munitions Squadron

Moore, Samantha, 51st Logistics Readiness Squadron

Morales, Emil, 51st Civil Engineer Squadron

Mosel, Joshua, 51st Munitions Squadron

Mosley, Alex, 51st Aircraft Maintenance Squadron

Mott, Erica, 6th Intelligence Squadron

Murriel, Terrill, 51st Civil Engineer Squadron

Musnit, Janel, 51st Logistics Readiness Squadron

Myers, Joshua, 51st Munitions Squadron

Nabholz, Justin, 51st Munitions Squadron

Nagle, Alex, 51st Aircraft Maintenance Squadron

Navarette, Brandon, 51st Aircraft Maintenance Squadron

Neal, Deion, 51st Munitions Squadron

Ngoma, Bissombola, 51st Logistics Readiness Squadron

Nicoley, Treavon, 51st Maintenance Group

Nix, Jalen, 51st Maintenance Group

Olimpo, Greysonkaeu, 51st Aircraft Maintenance Squadron

Oliveira, Luke, 51st Maintenance Squadron

Olson, Vincent, 303rd Intelligence Squadron

Ong, John, 694th Intelligence Squadron

Ordonez, George, 51st Aircraft Maintenance Squadron

Osunazatarain, Luis, 51st Logistics Readiness Squadron

Paniagua, Stephanie, 51st Operations Support Squadron

Park, Alyssa, 51 Force Support Squadron

Parker, Samantha, 51 Force Support Squadron

Payne, Daniel, 51st Logistics Readiness Squadron

Pendry, Hunter, 51st Communications Squadron

Perkins, Jeffrey, 51st Logistics Readiness Squadron

Perry, Jason, 51st Maintenance Squadron

Perry, Timothy, 51st Security Forces Squadron

Pierce, Shawn, 51st Munitions Squadron

Pineda, Gerard, 51st Civil Engineer Squadron

Pinkleton, Dustin, 51st Munitions Squadron

Pizano, Ruben, 51st Civil Engineer Squadron

Pollard, Benjamin, 51st Munitions Squadron

Powell, Raevonne, 51st Aircraft Maintenance Squadron

Pruett, Amanda, 51st Fighter Wing

Radlick, Rachel, 51st Healthcare Operations Squadron

Rajeev, Shivkumar, 51st Maintenance Squadron

Ramirezsuarez, Joel, 51st Logistics Readiness Squadron

Randolph, Daniel, 51st Aircraft Maintenance Squadron

Rava, Alexander, 303rd Intelligence Squadron

Ray, Connor, 51st Security Forces Squadron

Reyes, Jewel, 51st Maintenance Group

Richards, Miles, 694th Intelligence Squadron

Roberts, Nicolys, 51st Aircraft Maintenance Squadron

Rodriguez, Elianny, 51st Operations Support Squadron

Rodriguez, Jose, 303rd Intelligence Squadron

Rodriguezpoza, Gian, 6th Intelligence Squadron

Rojero, Omar, 694th Intelligence Squadron

Romanello, Christia, 51st Operations Support Squadron

Routt, Alex, 303rd Intelligence Squadron

Royle, James, 51st Maintenance Squadron

Ruiz, Marc, 51st Logistics Readiness Squadron

Ruosch, Jakeb, 6th Intelligence Squadron

Rus, Mia, 51st Security Forces Squadron

Ryffe, Nathaniel, 51st Munitions Squadron

Saldana, Dustin, 51st Aircraft Maintenance Squadron

Sandoval, Dallas, 51st Logistics Readiness Squadron

Sanez, Sarah, 51 Force Support Squadron

Sansevieri, Amber, 51st Healthcare Operations Squadron

Santodonato, Nicola, 51st Maintenance Squadron

Sato, David, 51st Logistics Readiness Squadron

Scott, Jacobgilbert, 51st Maintenance Squadron

Scott, Schuyler, 51 Force Support Squadron

Sessions, Brody, 51st Logistics Readiness Squadron

Sheehan, Kerry, 51 Force Support Squadron

Sheets, Coulter, 51st Civil Engineer Squadron

Sheffield, Brett, 51st Civil Engineer Squadron

Shipley, Michaela, 51st Aircraft Maintenance Squadron

Shrefler, Akila, 51st Aircraft Maintenance Squadron

Shullick, Michael, 51st Maintenance Squadron

Simeon, Stephane, 51 Force Support Squadron

Sims, Zoe, 51st Security Forces Squadron

Sirois, Wesley, 51st Communications Squadron

Smallridge, Justin, 51st Fighter Wing

Smith, Caleb, 51st Maintenance Squadron

Smith, Hunter, 303rd Intelligence Squadron

Southwell, Connor, 51st Security Forces Squadron

Spencer, Weston, 51st Maintenance Group

Starkey, Sydney, 51st Munitions Squadron

Strauss, Jason, 51st Medial Support Squadron

Sumpter, Aaliyah, 7th Air Force

Sutton, Stephan, 51st Aircraft Maintenance Squadron

Tallent, Justin, 303rd Intelligence Squadron

Tapia, Ricardo, 51st Maintenance Squadron

Taylor, Brandon, 51st Civil Engineer Squadron

Taylor, Lawrence, 51st Communications Squadron

Thill, Brody, 51st Logistics Readiness Squadron

Thomas, Davielle, 51st Dental Squadron

Thorburn, James, 6th Intelligence Squadron

Tiam Watt, Hisham, 36th Fighter Squadron

Tremblay, Desiree, 51st Fighter Wing

Trent, Meghan, 51st Maintenance Group

Turner, Gianni, 51st Aircraft Maintenance Squadron

Urbiztondo, Josef, 51st Maintenance Squadron

Vazquez, Michael, 51st Communications Squadron

Wagner, Coulter, 51st Maintenance Squadron

Wanlass, Brian, 51st Communications Squadron

Weaver, Emily, 51st Munitions Squadron

Webb, Remington, 6th Intelligence Squadron

Weinbrecht, Trevor, 303rd Intelligence Squadron

White, Daizshau, 51st Maintenance Squadron

Wilde, Alexander, 51st Security Forces Squadron

Williams, Anthony, 51st Maintenance Squadron

Williams, Destiny, 51st Security Forces Squadron

Wilson, Edjare, 51st Aircraft Maintenance Squadron

Wilson, Justinblu, 51st Maintenance Squadron

Wnuk, Rachel, 51st Security Forces Squadron

Wright, Cody, 303rd Intelligence Squadron

Xiong, B, 51st Communications Squadron

Yang, Seung, 51st Logistics Readiness Squadron

Yeager, Thomas, 51st Comptroller Squadron

Zapata, Christopher, 51st Medial Support Squadron

Zornes, Gabriel, 51st Maintenance Squadron

Zuniga, Zachary, 51st Security Forces Squadron