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Our mission is to strengthen our military communities through family services. We
provide both treatment and prevention services for active duty members and their

The differences between treatment and prevention services depends on the nature of referral.

Treatment services are usually initiated upon notice of a suspected family
maltreatment and/or domestic/child abuse case. Treatment services consist of an evaluation, therapy intervention, individual and partner sessions, as well as providing psycho-educational classes that are tailored to the needs of the service member and their family. All treatment progress will be documented in their medical record.

Prevention services include topic workshops, outreach events, and Family Advocacy strength-based therapy (FAST) services. FAST services are designed to provide support to couples and families who are having difficulties communicating, experiencing trust issues, parenting stress, difficulties managing conflict, inter-cultural communication, and much more. FAST services are not documented in your medical record.

The goal of our clinic is to provide support at the earliest sign of difficulty in a family or relationship.

Domestic Abuse Victim Advocate (DAVA)

Domestic Abuse Victim Advocacy Services provides a broad range of services to military-affiliated victims of partner maltreatment. Advocacy services are provided with the goal of increasing victim safety and autonomy. Services include responding to victims’ emergency and ongoing safety concerns and needs; providing information on programs and services available to victims and their children in both civilian and military communities; and providing victims with ongoing support and referrals. With the exception of mandatory state, federal, and military reporting requirements (i.e., domestic violence, child abuse, and duty to warn situations) the DAVA provides a private and confidential service to encourage victims in seeking assistance. 

Under the Family Advocacy Program we provide a 24/7 Domestic Abuse Victim Advocate (DAVA) that provides crisis intervention and outreach to victims of domestic abuse and non-offending parents of child abuse.

To inquire more about services you can dial the numbers posted below:
Domestic Victim Advocate Daytime Number: 0505-784-5010
After Hours / Emergency number: 010-9300-8753



A restricted report is a CONFIDENTIAL report of domestic abuse. The report allows a victim to receive medical treatment and advocacy services without notice to the victim’s or alleged offender’s commanders or law enforcement. This disclosure of domestic abuse must be made to a victim advocate, Healthcare provider, or SARC. 

Command is NOT notified.
Investigation is NOT initiated.
Counseling services are available.
Does NOT apply to cases that involve a child.
Can only be made to a Medical Provider, FAP Provider, or DAVA.
Can make an unrestricted report at a later date.


An unrestricted report triggers an investigation and involves legal services. Unrestricted reports include reports of domestic violence from any other source (i.e. Security Forces, Anonymous Reports, First Sergeants, etc.). 

Command is notified.
Investigation is initiated.
Counseling services are available.
Once reported as an unrestricted report, it cannot become a restricted report at a later time.



0505-784-5010 or DSN 784-5010




Building 768, inside the Mental Health Clinic