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  • Tourette’s poses no setback for EOD Airman

    Tuning out the pounding of his own heartbeat, nerves tense as a young Air Force explosive ordnance disposal (EOD) officer disarms bombs in some of Southwest Asia’s most dangerous warzones. A sudden increased heart rate and blood flow kicks in as adrenaline rush reverberates through his body. Internally, things are chaotic, but the madness is masked by the man’s calm, humorous demeanor, which is a key character trait to his life-saving tactics. Despite his setback of Tourette syndrome, which is a nervous system disorder involving repetitive movements or unwanted sounds, his physical tics didn’t prevent his ability to neutralize bombs from ‘tick-tick-booming.’ It takes patience, finesse, and skill to make a career out of defusing bombs, and for Lt. Col. Kelly Hannum, doing so while coping with Tourette’s has been no small feat.
  • Osan Inbound/PCS Information

    With PCS’s starting to flow in and out of Osan, there a few important things our inbound personnel need to be aware of so they can be prepared. All inbounds will quarantine for 14-days on base. Inbound members need to initiate contact with their receiving unit as soon as possible so Osan can start planning accordingly. A mandatory packing list as well as additionally preparation information, including quarantine sustainment, will be provided by the unit to the inbound member.
  • Certain Victory: A-10 pilots persevere through COVID-19

    The will to win has been an unmatched factor for one squadron since their early World War II days. Whether flying over the Himalayan mountains into the foothills of China in the 1940’s, or staying mission ready today as the Korean Peninsula’s premier close air support fighter squadron, the 25th Fighter Squadron ‘Assam Draggins’ carry on a legacy that epitomizes their Korean motto, ‘Pil Sung’ – Certain Victory. Now, the Sons of Pil Sung look to add another victory in the win column as they persevere amid the COVID-19 global pandemic. Although COVID-19 mitigation measures have impacted many things, it has not stopped the 25th FS from being ready to “Fight Tonight.”
  • Twin infants evacuated amidst COVID-19 crisis

    Parker and Laine McFall were born February 17 at 30 weeks in Daegu’s Yeungnam Medical University Medical Center during the COVID-19 outbreak. They were medically cleared and protected from COVID-19, then transported to Osan AB for a follow-on flight to Joint Base Andrews, Maryland, culminating in care at Maryland’s Walter Reed National Military Medical Center for advanced neonatal patients.
  • Capturing the moment: From one start to a new beginning

    Throughout time, photographers are responsible for capturing images that are burned into the fabric of history. From the images of the infamous Iwo Jima flag raising to wreaths placed at Arlington Cemetery. Photographers are there to capture history.For U.S. Air Force Staff Sgt. James Miller, capturing the perfect photo that will be remembered is
  • From the battlefield to the ring, the mission is to win

    With piercing blue eyes and unwavering confidence, a man walks into life’s arenas and envisions success. Whether exchanging blows in an octagonal ring or climbing snowy mountains to call in airstrikes, his visions of prosperous outcomes cancels out the deafening noises.Being distracted can be the difference between life and death, or standing
  • 607th ASOG trains like no other

    Adrenaline rushes as gun fire bursts all around. Fighting for what seems like an eternity, the operator calls for a helping hand as the grueling battle comes to a stalemate.Calling in for backup, a thunderous roar soon approaches in the distance as an A-10C Thunderbolt II emerges. As the A-10 pilot responds to the call, the Tactical Air Control
  • 51st CE Capt. earns Arthur S. Flemming award

    3,864 miles, 10 American States, 4 Canadian Provinces, 8 Air Force levels, and more than 17,000 hours later U.S. Air Force Capt. Theodore Labedz, the chief of portfolio optimization with the 51st Civil Engineer Squadron here, earned the 2019 Arthur S. Flemming Award in the Applied Science and Engineering category. The Flemming Award was created in order to single out and celebrate the achievements of unique federal employees, usually in the early part of their careers, who went beyond what was expected to make a major impact in society.
  • Mentor Mentality: Airman readies Airmen

    Training and operational readiness are just part of the everyday routine in the U.S. Air Force, which depends on mentors and trainers to provide the skills and mentality for tasks to become natural for American Airmen.For Staff Sgt. Michael Puckett, 6th Intelligence Squadron NCOIC of education and training in his new career field, he’s determined
  • Mustangs Honor Sijan

    Janine Sijan-Rozina, sister of Medal of Honor recipient U.S. Air Force Capt. Lance P. Sijan visited Osan Air Base February 17-19 to share her brother’s story of heroism and resiliency.