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  • Air Force officials announce selections to colonel, lieutenant colonel

    The 2007A Line of the Air Force, Biomedical Sciences Corps, Nurse Corps, and Medical Service Corps central selection boards selected 598 lieutenant colonels and 147 majors for promotion. The boards considered 5,016 lieutenant colonels and 909 majors for promotion. The results of the boards are as follows: From the 7th Air Force there were seven
  • Making the enemies job a bit harder

    Excellence is a standard at Osan AB, it's practiced in all facets of Team Osan's mission. It's no surprise then that Team Osan has won Air Force 2007 Best Anti-Terrorism program, installation category, and will now compete at the Department of Defense level. Every member of Team Osan has helped the program reach new heights, but one member in
  • Air Force streamlines officer, enlisted evaluation forms

    Air Force officials are introducing new officer and enlisted evaluation forms as it transforms its personnel processes. The major part of this effort has been directed at reducing the workload associated with preparing officer and enlisted performance reports while ensuring the evaluation process remains fair and provides for accurate portrayal of
  • Latest Roll Call discusses contacting Airmen directly

    This week's Roll Call discusses how the Air Force chief of staff wants to expand on the information receiving process through a direct e-mail program. E-mails from "CSAF@us.af.mil" come directly from Gen. T. Michael Moseley. Airmen are encouraged to discuss these messages with fellow Airmen and their chain of command. This communication is a way
  • Unsung Heroes

  • Team Osan implements new mail tracking system

    A little yellow slip in your mailbox means a package is awaiting pickup for members of Team Osan, but now there's something new about those little yellow slips. Where once there were hand-written instructions on the location of the parcel for pickup, there is now a bar code and detailed postal information. On July 1st, the Osan Post Office deployed
  • Airmen perform buddy care to Korean national

    Most memories of the 4th of July are parades, barbecues and fireworks. For two Airmen assigned here their memories of Independence Day this year are assisting a total stranger who was in a life-threatening traffic accident. The two Airmen were driving back to Kunsan from Gwang Yang port after escorting a munitions convey when they drove past an
  • Korean students learn about the Mustang Stampede

    Gasps and looks of awe were common place as members of Team Osan invited young college students to tour parts of the base Monday. Students from the Far East University visited Osan AB as part of a program to learn English as a second language.  18 students in total made the trip from Icheon where they attend school. The Far East University is a
  • The Mustang Stampede celebrates the 4th of July

    Fun, fireworks, and a large celebration are American traditions when it comes to the Fourth of July. Fortyseven miles from the Demilitarized Zone separating North Korea and the Republic of Korea, the celebration of America's birth is no different at Osan AB. Osan held its annual Liberty Fest, with members of Team Osan and our host nation guests