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  • Team Osan cleans-up local river

    For the Annual Jin-wi River Clean-up, members of Team Osan, along with the Republic of Korea and Osan branches of the Red Cross, joined forces to pick up trash both along the banks of the river as well as in the water itself. "The goal was to get involved with the local Korean Red Cross who have been cleaning the Jin-wi River, which is next to Osan
  • 35th ADA holds NCO, KATUSA, Soldier of the Year competition

    Winners of the 35th Air Defense Artillery Brigade Non-Commissioned Officer, Korean Augmentee to U.S. Army and Soldier of the Year competitions were announced during an awards ceremony here May 11. Following a three-day competition, Army Sgts. Nicholas J. Johnson and Luis R. Ortiz and Republic of Korea Sgt. Ahn, Yong-Jae, all with 2nd Battalion, 1st
  • Spring 2007 Airman now available

    The Air Force making some tough decisions about the Airmen it keeps in the force. And the chief of staff is traveling around the globe to tell Airmen about that and the issues that will affect their careers. These are just two of the stories in the Spring 2007 issue of Airman magazine, now available in print and online at www.af.mil/news/airman.
  • Heritage tailflash connects fighter wing to past

    In medieval times, knights and royal families used heraldic symbols to identify themselves and remember their heritage. With modern military traditions connected to that time of chivalry and honor, it's no wonder the 51st Fighter Wing is bringing back a symbol that promotes its heritage. In December 2006, the 51st Maintenance Squadron corrosion
  • Officials emphasize motorcycle safety across force

    With motorcycle fatalities on the rise over the past two years in the Defense Department, senior military officials are making sure that servicemembers and civilians are keeping safety in mind while hitting the roads this summer. The Army took the lead by hosting the two-day National Capital Region Motorcycle Safety Event at the Pentagon that
  • Airman's Roll Call focuses on Combat Action Medal

    In the spirit of cultivating warrior ethos in all Airmen, Air Force officials created the Air Force Combat Action Medal, which recognizes Airmen who have engaged the enemy. Through an evolution of Air Force warfighting roles, more Airmen are finding themselves involved in combat actions. Some Airmen have earned awards from other services to reflect
  • Good sleep important to safety, mission

    Ah, the weekend - a time to stay up all night and sleep all day. Yet, come Monday morning, for some reason it's always hard to get up when your alarm blares. Why that "hard-to-get-out-of-bed" feeling come Monday morning? Proper rest doesn't happen overnight (so to speak). In order to keep their rest cycle in check, and remain "Ready to Fight, and
  • Moving tips in time for summer

    For people who are preparing to move due to PCS, separation or retirement, a successful move is not a matter of chance. It is the result of planning and hard work. Officials at the Air Force Claims Service Center say there are things servicemembers can and should do to safeguard their belongings during any move. The government does not pay for
  • Osan water deemed 'healthy and safe'

    The water at Osan is as safe to drink as ever, base officials said recently. "The water is healthy, but we make it pristine using filters and disinfectants," said Capt. Chunil Paeng, 51st Aerospace Medicine Squadron. "We go above and beyond to ensure the safety of the drinking water." Tap water on-base actually gets filtered twice before making its