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  • Osan prepares for intramural football playoffs

    As Osan heads into its 10th week of intramural flag football, a competitive regular season is winding down leading into this year's play offs. "This has been an all around tough season," said Staff Sgt. William Jackson, the base intramural sports director. "We have had several problems with rain and some safety issues with the playing fields, but
  • 5/6 Club hosts enlisted CDI

    The Osan 5/6 Club hosted the first Team Osan 'Enlisted Only' Combat Dining-In Saturday at the traffic management office warehouse in Bldg 635. More than 300 Airmen and Soldiers attended the military dinner toting their water-filled guns, balloons and launch platforms, as well as donning various individual protective equipment and camouflage face
  • USFK highlights two SOFA regulations

    Because the U.S. military is a guest here in Korea, it is important we respect local laws and the rules set out in the status of forces agreement. Two issues that have been emphasized recently are home-based businesses and hiring third-country nationals. In most cases, servicemembers are not allowed to open any sort of business because there are
  • Wing monitoring avian flue outbreak in South Korea

    An outbreak of bird flu was discovered at a poultry farm in Iksan, Korea, about 155 miles south of Seoul, Nov. 23. The infection killed 13,000 chickens; 6,700 from a direct result of the infection, the rest were culled. Health officials have closed the farm and placed a 1,650 foot radius around the farm to be quarantined. All animals within this
  • Holiday light safety

    The leaves are falling and the air has a refreshing chill. It must be time to string up the holiday lights. But before you do, the 51 FW/ Safety office cautions you to play it safe by following these helpful suggestions: - Before hanging those decorative lights, check everything for frayed cords, broken wires and bulbs and loose connections. If
  • Osan to begin new recycling program

    The 51 Fighter Wing wants to implement a robust Recycling Program. Our goal is to redirect 30 percent of all trash on Osan going to landfills and incinerators and convert to a reusable product instead. The 51st FW will use the recyclable products for reuse, recycle, composting, mulching or donating. Currently, Team Osan discards trash in garbage
  • Sexually transmitted infections and prevention

    Sexually Transmitted Infections are the most common infectious diseases in the United States. There are 19 million new infections each year, half of them involving people between 15-24 years of age. Here at Osan Air Base, we have the highest rate of STI's in PACAF and we'd like to change that. It is difficult to be "Ready to Fight Tonight!" when
  • The taxman cometh

    Don't let the holiday festivities and Yuletide spirit lull you into the all-too-common taxpayer complacency syndrome. The only way to make your life trouble free when the taxman calls is to start getting organized today. It's a good idea to review last year's tax return because it can help you remember the items you'll need to complete this year's
  • School explains local hire process

    There are often job openings in the Department of Defense Dependent's Schools at Osan and Camp Humphreys say school officials, but for a spouse to snag one of those jobs requires careful planning and preparation. Spouses of servicemembers and civilians who are American citizens all compete on a level playing field when it comes to getting one of
  • 51st SVS competes for top awards

    Though many are far from home and a meal made by mom, make no mistake-- Team Osan is being well served and well fed while stationed here. The 51st Services Squadron was awarded by Pacific Air Forces Headquarters the best food services team for multiple dining facilities and the best large services squadron. "This is the first time in history that