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  • 7th AF hosts four ACCEs

    Communication is one of the key elements of combat operations that has to work in order for the mission to be carried out. Likewise, the business of running the 7th Air Force Air Operations Center requires trusted liaisons with other military components that make up the U.S. combat force in the Republic of Korea. These liaisons are called Air
  • 51st FW announces annual award recipients

    Nine Airmen and civilians were recognized at the 51st Fighter Wing Annual Awards banquet Thursday for their outstanding job performance, commitment to their community, and tremendous contributions to the wing and Air Force. "To all of our nominees, congratulations on your accomplishments and professional standards," Brig. Gen. Joe Reynes, 51st FW
  • Osan 'fights' north in BB 07-01

    Osan's "fight" against North Korea forces came to an end Jan. 26 as the Beverly Bulldog 07-01 Peninsula Operational Readiness Exercise wrapped up. The quarterly exercise involves Airmen from installations around the peninsula and is designed to prepare the peninsula should North Korea ever attack South Korea. "Everyone worked hard last week, and
  • Running: like walking, only faster

    Quite frankly, I don't know what all the fuss is about with running and jogging. All it requires is an open road, running track or treadmill, and the ability to put one foot in front of the other. In the last 18 years, I've trekked more than 17,000 miles on three continents and have four marathons under my belt. I guess you could say I like to run
  • Airmen to see combat medal in April

    Since the Air Force started manning convoy operations in support of the war on terror, more Airmen have had an opportunity to put their rifle training to use in real-world scenarios. Today, explosive ordnance disposal and security forces Airmen, along with those performing in-lieu-of taskings, have joined battlefield Airmen working "outside the
  • Seventh Air Force welcomes new commander

    Seventh Air Force personnel welcomed their 30th commander Monday during a change-of-command ceremony here, which was presided over by Gen. B.B. Bell, U.S. Forces Korea commander. Lt. Gen. Stephen G. Wood assumed command from Lt. Gen. Garry R. Trexler, who is retiring to Nashville, Tenn. Along with being the 7th Air Force commander, Lt. Gen. Wood
  • Osan Mustangs face off against Cheongju Tigers

    Many are not aware of this, but Osan has a soccer club - the "Osan Mustangs Futbol Club." The Mustangs play in an amateur league called the "Super Sunday Futbol League." The league consists of several teams from in and around the local area. The Mustangs' most recent game was against the Cheongju Tigers on Nov. 12. Initially, the Mustangs tangoed
  • Mustangs finish BB 06-03

    Osan won its "fight" against North Korean forces Nov. 17 as the Beverly Bulldog 06-03 Peninsula Operational Readiness Exercise wrapped up. The exercise is one of several that takes place every year and involves Airmen from different installations on the peninsula. "We exercise to ensure we're ready to execute our wartime mission and prove we are
  • 35th ADA gives awards in honor of fallen comrades

    The 35th Air Defense Artillery Brigade held its semi-annual Memorial Leadership Awards board Nov. 6. "The success of our brigade is dependent on the development of our junior leaders," said Col. John Rossi, 35th ADABDE commander. "These Memorial Leadership Awards honor our fallen comrades by recognizing those Soldiers, non-commissioned officers,
  • General serves Thanksgiving meals

    Team Osan was treated to a special guest for Thanksgiving lunch at the Ginkgo Tree dining facility. Gen. Paul V. Hester, Pacific Air Forces commander, served Thanksgiving lunch to Airmen here and spent some time this holiday season with them. "Since all of us who serve overseas are away from our blood family on this uniquely American holiday, I