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  • Wild West Night huge success

    The casino tables are packed up and the can-can girls have gone back home, but the 27th Annual Wild West Night is still the talk of the town. With 567 cowboys and cowgirls in attendance, the WWN made a record-breaking $16,900. This is a $2,500 increase from last year. The Osan Officers' Spouses' Club hosted the western-themed casino night Feb. 3 at
  • Story of 'Bayonet Hill,' Korean War turning point

    In late January 1951, the 8th Army was ready to go on the offensive against the weakening North Koreans and Chinese enemy forces here. Gen. Matthew Ridgeway sent the 27th Infantry "Wolfhounds" to Osan to prepare for Operation Thunderbolt. Army Capt. Lewis Millett commanded Easy Company, part of the 27th Infantry, through a frozen rice patty near
  • Airmen to teach English through USO

    This spring Osan will start a new program to help improve English language skills in Korean children by allowing them to spend time with Airmen in their school classrooms. Units on base will adopt a school and Airmen will have the chance to teach two Saturday classes per month for an entire semester using a program created by the United Services
  • Youth Center sports are 'f-u-n - fun'

    Unlike stateside bases, where there are myriad opportunities for kids to get out and about, it can be challenging to find off-base activities for youth accompanying their parents overseas. The 51st Services Squadron knows this, and through the Youth Center Sports Program it has come up with a way to help military children stay busy and keep
  • PACAF award winners announced

    Congratulations to the 607th Air Intelligence Squadron for being named the Outstanding AIS/IOS/IS Intelligence Unit of the Year.Congratulations to the 51st Fighter Wing Protocol office for receiving the George Washington Award for Protocol Excellence. Congratulations 51st Services Squadron Pacific Air Force Winners: -  PACAF Golf Program of the
  • Staying sparkly white

    February is National Children's Dental Health Month. The dental profession traditionally takes this opportunity to promote the benefits of healthy eating habits and prevention of tooth decay and periodontal disease. However, this year I would like to review two popular cosmetic dental procedures and their long-term benefits and potential negative
  • Intel Airmen graduate new language lab

    Eight Airmen from the 303rd Intelligence Squadron became the first to graduate from the new language lab here Jan. 30. Col. Jacqueline Walsh, 692nd Intelligence Group commander from Hickam Air Force Base, Hawaii, presented the graduation certificates to the students."Everyone did a great job of making this happen," said Colonel Walsh. "The class is
  • Free online filing of federal taxes

    Members of the tax software industry have banded together to form the "Free File Alliance," a non-profit organization that allows those who meet certain criteria to file their taxes file their taxes electronically for free. One criterion, for most of the free file participants is having an adjusted gross income of $52,000 or less. That is regular
  • ALS 07-B graduates

    Congratulations to the following members of Airman Leadership School class 07-B who graduated on Thursday: -  Senior Airman James Conyers, 303rd Intelligence Squadron -  Senior Airman Benjamin Krengel, 303rd Intelligence Squadron -  Senior Airman Matthew Leopardi, 303rd Intelligence Squadron -  Senior Airman Julie Lettis, 303rd Intelligence