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  • Learning to dance in Korea

    Since the 1988 Seoul Olympic Games, there have been many changes in the attitudes of Korean people toward the Western way of life. One aspect where the West has penetrated the social lives of many Koreans is dancing in the styles we know as Latin-American, ballroom, jive, etc. Dance in these styles

  • Don't pet strange animals

    A couple of weeks ago, there were two separate dog bite incidents in Songtan. Both were bites from the same animal. Both incidents occurred when people stopped to pet a dog that was tied up outside. It is strongly recommended that no one pet stray dogs or cats. Even if the dog appears to have an

  • Congratulations ALS graduates

    The following individuals in Osan's Airman Leadership School Class 06-F graduated Thursday. 303rd Intelligence Squadron Senior Airman Robert Knight, Distinguished Graduate and Leadership Award recipient Senior Airman Brian Cole Senior Airman Javier Revuelta, Distinguished Graduate and Academic Award

  • Osan holds annual Air Power Day air show

    Osan welcomed more than 40,000 people to the 2006 Air Power Day air show themed "Preserving Tomorrow's Freedom Together." Everyone attending was treated to 30 static displays and several aerial demonstrations from the U.S. and Republic of Korea Air Forces, U.S. Army, Navy and Marine Corps. The main

  • ESOHCAMP to come to Osan

    Starting Monday, a team of inspectors will perform an internal environmental, safety, and occupational health compliance assessment and management program inspection. Units across Osan will have their operations and facilities evaluated for environmental, safety and occupational health compliance,

  • NEO: Do I stay or do I go?

    The four-day U.S. Forces Korea Courageous Channel 2006-2 semi-annual non-combatant evacuation operations exercise kicks off Thursday. All noncombatants in Area V, which includes family members, civilians and contractors at Osan, are expected to take part and process through the Evacuation Control

  • RED HORSE celebrates 41 years

    As of Oct. 13, RED HORSE squadrons turned 41-years-old, and though this anniversary wasn't near as large as the one the 554th RHS celebrated last year, it is an important one none the less. "This anniversary is one we won't soon forget because it's the last one we will celebrate here in Korea," said

  • Living one step at a time

    Many people live life one step at a time, and at Osan, you should too -- literally. "We live on a walking base," said Capt. Jennifer L. Bradley, the Health and Wellness Center's first registered dietitian at Osan. "Walking to work, walking to lunch and walking to Songtan, all those steps add

  • What's on AFN Korea tonight?

    American Forces Network-Korea launches an e-mail service Wednesday, allowing members to preview stories from around the peninsula on the network's nightly newscast. Titled, "What's on your AFN Korea nightly newscast," the e-mail service offers members a daily summary of the evening's newscasts and