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  • Airman in Korea receive sweet holiday treat

    The holidays are a time when many families gather together to celebrate various traditions. Since 96 percent of the 8,900 Airmen stationed on the Korean peninsula are in unaccompanied billets, they don't have this luxury. But volunteers from the Osan community came together to give them a taste of home, baking more than 100,000 cookies, in a
  • Save energy this holiday season

    Decorative light and fixtures will certainly be a part of our holiday celebration as we ready our homes, offices and other base areas for the holidays. Osan holiday lighting policy strives to safely and efficiently achieve a balance of individual desires for decorative lighting with our responsibility to conserve energy and be good stewards of our
  • Delivering healthy babies at Yongsan

    After nine months of pregnancy, every mother and father wishes for the birth of a healthy baby. Both the mother and her healthcare provider contribute to the baby's health before the big day arrives. It's the mother's responsibility to make sure she eats nutritious foods, exercises and gets regular prenatal check-ups. Her healthcare provider is
  • Mandatory anthrax vaccinations to resume

    Dr. David S. Chu, Under Secretary of Defense, Personnel and Readiness, signed "Implementation of the Anthrax Vaccine Immunization Program (AVIP)," Dec. 6. Dr. Chu's memo makes anthrax vaccinations mandatory for military personnel, emergency/mission-essential DoD civilians and contractors serving for more than 15 consecutive days in either Korea or
  • ROK gets first taste of snow for 2006

    The first measurable snowstorm of the season -- a powerful punch, doubling the average December snowfall for Osan -- blanketed most of the Republic of Korea, grounding flights and delaying ground transportation, triggering people to take to the hillsides with sleds in-hand. Osan received 6.25 inches of snow in a 12- hour span beginning late
  • AF announces major-selects

    Congratulations to the following captains assigned to 7th Air Force and the 51st Fighter Wing for their selection for promotion to major. - Mark Heusinkveld, 51st OSS - Anthony Morris, 51st OSS - Jerime Reid, 51st FW - Gregory Davis, 3rd ROK Liaison - Alison Kamataris, 607th AIS - Rodney Lykins, 607th CBCS - Mark Esslinger, 51st FW -
  • MiG Alley Flyer may go digital in '07

    An Air Force Smart Operations-21 initiative will result in changes in the tradition of the weekly base newspaper. Osan's newspaper, The MiG Alley Flyer, is currently scheduled to be printed through March 2007. Wing leadership is considering options whether to continue to print the paper as it currently exits or to make the transition to bringing
  • MUNS the word

  • Fitness Center hosts 2.5 hour Aerobathon

    I thought I was too good for aerobics. I swam competitively for 10 years and ran on elite track and field teams. I got in hard, painful workouts through these sports, and I simply thought that aerobics could not hold a candle to them. Well, while participating in the Osan Aerobathon on Saturday at the base fitness center, I had a humbling
  • Thirteen Airmen receive Articles 15

    When commanders decide to impose nonjudicial punishment, they have a variety of types of punishment from which to choose. For enlisted members, that list generally includes a reduction in rank, forfeiture of pay, restriction (for example, to the base or from the clubs), extra duties and a reprimand. At some Air Force bases, correctional custody is