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  • The taxman cometh

    Don't let the holiday festivities and Yuletide spirit lull you into the all-too-common taxpayer complacency syndrome. The only way to make your life trouble free when the taxman calls is to start getting organized today. It's a good idea to review last year's tax return because it can help you remember the items you'll need to complete this year's
  • School explains local hire process

    There are often job openings in the Department of Defense Dependent's Schools at Osan and Camp Humphreys say school officials, but for a spouse to snag one of those jobs requires careful planning and preparation. Spouses of servicemembers and civilians who are American citizens all compete on a level playing field when it comes to getting one of
  • 51st SVS competes for top awards

    Though many are far from home and a meal made by mom, make no mistake-- Team Osan is being well served and well fed while stationed here. The 51st Services Squadron was awarded by Pacific Air Forces Headquarters the best food services team for multiple dining facilities and the best large services squadron. "This is the first time in history that
  • World-class powerlifter at Osan

    Have you ever heard that heated discussion between guys in the gym, "I can bench more than you can," well chances are, one Osan Airman will win that argument every time. Staff Sgt. Michael P. Schwanke, 51st Communications Squadron wideband technician, is currently ranked 16th in the National Power Lifting Rankings for the 242 pounds weight class.
  • Comm warriors keep Osan talking

    Several members of 7th Air Force's 607th Combat Communications Squadron deployed to Osan from Camp Humphreys for an exercise that ran from Nov. 30 to Thursday. The exercise lasted about one week, and was designed to train Airmen in providing communications support during times of war. "If all base communications are knocked out, there still has to
  • Osan rules of the road

    Whether you are authorized to drive a privately owned vehicle or a government motor vehicle during your assignment to Osan Air Base, it doesn't take a rocket scientist to surmise available parking on Osan is a hot commodity. At Osan, there's just over 6,000 parking spaces scattered throughout the base including common use areas, living quarters and
  • Reduce the 'Holida Blues'

    The holiday blues are caused by many factors: increased stress and fatigue, unrealistic expectations, over-commercialization and the inability to be with one's family. The increased demands of shopping, parties, and the deadlines to mail packages also contribute to these feelings of tension. People may also feel pressured to be merry by friends and
  • Big Brother's watching ... and protecting

    It's kind of like the novel "1984." Big Brother really is watching ... but this time, he's helping to keep the members of Osan safe. The high-tech Integrated Base Defense Security System is a suite of intrusion detection sensors which uses specialized equipment to survey both the base security zone and interior of Osan. Using IBDSS gives the base
  • Twenty-five Airmen receive Articles 15

    When commanders decide to impose nonjudicial punishment, they have a variety of types of punishment from which to choose. For enlisted members, that list generally includes a reduction in rank, forfeiture of pay, restriction (for example, to the base or from the clubs), extra duties and a reprimand. At some Air Force bases, correctional custody is
  • Osan Airman selected for Tops in Blue

    Not many people can say they are the best at anything in the Air Force, but one Osan Airman can claim he is, at least for this year. Senior Airman Rick Rosales, 51st Dental Squadron, received the Rodger Award, first place, for Male Vocalists when competing in San Antonio, Texas, at the Tops in Blue annual Worldwide Talent Contest Nov. 5 to 13. "The