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  • Making a difference through daily acts of inclusion

    As we continue to celebrate diversity throughout the year, this month’s focus is on celebrating women for all the contributions made to further and advance our society.While there is a certain positive aura behind being a minority and female within the world’s greatest Air Force, the struggle is still truly real for many of our teammates,
  • Breathe happy, breathe healthy

    To combat these health risks and reduce your exposure to poor air quality, members are advised to utilize mobile apps that send updated statistics for current air quality conditions. Members are also advised to reschedule or shorten outdoor activities especially when the air quality is reported to be very unhealthy.
  • National K9 Vets Day: Celebrating our furry service members

    Some of the most selfless service members come in all shapes and sizes, but on March 13, we celebrate our military working dogs for National K9 Veterans Day.
  • 303rd IS innovates internship program

    Commenced in September 2018, the Skivvy Nine Internship Program (SNIP) is an ongoing career development initiative that cultivates young intelligence analysts. The SNIP stands as a high-yield, low-risk answer to the question, “How are we deliberately developing our Airmen?” The program sends analysts to various offices throughout the 694th Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance Group in order to increase an Airman’s cross-functional knowledge, expand mission capabilities, and cultivate problem-solving skills.
  • 51 FW Chaplain Corps hosts resiliency luncheon

    The 51st Fighter Wing Chaplain Corps hosted a resiliency luncheon at the Officer’s Club at Osan Air Base, Republic of Korea, Feb. 21.Attendees were treated to a free lunch as they listened to guest speaker Dr. Dondi Costin, a retired U.S. Air Force chaplain, as he spoke about the event’s theme: “Don’t Worry, Be Happy.”Now the third president of
  • Managing the battlefield, JTACs captialize on A-10 Capabilities

    U.S. Air Force JTACs are a part of specialized teams called Tactical Air Control Party, who along with other supporting personnel, have the responsibility of calling in airstrikes on the right targets when and where needed. These Airmen are often imbedded with U.S. Army and Marine units on the frontline.
  • Physical Therapy keeps pilots right for flight

    One Osan unit took innovation to new heights by implementing a post-flight checklist to make sure pilots are ready to take their next flight.The 51st Medical Operations Squadron physical therapy office began building relationships with Osan fighter squadrons to bridge the gap between pilots and their physical therapy healthcare. “The goal is to
  • California to Korea: Pilot reinforces Pacific partnerships

    When the U.S. military is a guest in another country, it’s important to go above and beyond to be the best neighbor one can be.U.S. Air Force Capt. Jason Lim, a KC-10 Extender pilot assigned to the 6th Air Refueling Squadron out of Travis Air Force Base, California, dedicated a year toward this goal: striving to strengthen the partnership between