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Category: MTF
  • Combating air pollution

    This year has brought the longest and worst "air pollution season" on record in the Republic of Korea. Here are some tips for understanding air quality levels, risk factors and how to protect yourself and your family members.
  • 51st MDG opens new medical wing

    The 51st Medical Group phase one hospital expansion was celebrated during a ribbon-cutting ceremony that took place Dec. 12, 2016, here. The expansion is one of four construction projects to renovate and expand the Osan Hospital that is projected to be complete in 2018 to accommodate the steady influx of personnel and their families. “The
  • BH 16-2: 51st AMDS exercise aeromedical evacuation procedures

    The 51st Aerospace Medicine Squadron simulated an aeromedical evacuation to enhance their readiness as part of Exercise Beverly Herd 16-2 Aug. 25, 2016, at Osan Air Base, Republic of Korea.