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  • Osan’s annual fuel spill training increases standard of readiness

    A spigot is turned, a top hatch pops open, and water begins to spill from a water buffalo across a flat concrete pad. The water simulates fuel spilling from a large containment facility, kicking off an exercise Oct. 18 at Osan Air Base that requires several base agencies to respond.
  • Airman Resiliency Team: a light in the dark

    Across the U.S. Air Force, there are many career fields that provide mission critical support around-the-clock. Perhaps one of the most demanding careers is the world of intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance.
  • Suicide prevention: raising self-awareness at Osan

    Over the past five years, the Air Force has experienced an increase in suicides. To combat this and in recognition of September being National Suicide Awareness month, Team Osan has dedicated this time to raising awareness about the issues of suicide prevention, educating Airmen about available resources and about how we can all be good wingmen by
  • 36th FS continues its legacy

    They are one of the oldest fighting squadrons in the Air Force with more than 90 years of history. These "Fighting Fiends" have flown 21 different types of aircraft; received 22 unit citations and 24 service and campaign streamers since World War I.The 36th Fighter Squadron originated in Kelly Field, Texas, and has relocated to Selfridge Field,
  • CMSAF visits ROK, discusses regional partnerships

    Chief Master Sgt. of the Air Force James A. Cody visited three major U.S. military bases throughout the Republic of Korea, from June 30 to July 3.During his visit, Cody met with Airmen and Soldiers to discuss morale, welfare, and the unique partnership between the ROK military and the US Forces Korea."Having this strong alliance, this relationship
  • Osan Honor Guard salutes veterans

    Honoring service member, past and present, is the foundation of what Veteran's day is all about. The Honor Guard does this each and every day when they do their different details.On Veteran's Day, Americans give tribute to members of the U.S. armed forces who have served and are currently serving. They honor the many sacrifices the armed forces
  • Different Strides: PACAF runners take intersecting trails to victory

    An only child from Mankato, Minnesota, Staff Sgt. Joshua Johnson likes to socialize while running. Airman 1st Class Andrew Riesenberger, from Wilmington, Delaware, the youngest of three children, likes to run alone. Despite this contrast, Johnson and Riesenberger earned spots with four other Pacific Air Forces Airmen to represent PACAF in the Air
  • Travel Feature: Songnisan National Park

    When talking with family and friends about your time in Korea what do you tell them? Many of my favorite stories and memories are when I experience Korea's vast, natural landscape and wilderness.A couple friends of mine and I took advantage of a day off together and jumped into a car with the GPS set for Songnisan National Park. We heard great
  • South Korea Sojourns XII: War Memorial of Korea

    Author's Note: This is the twelfth in a series of articles about recreational travel opportunities for service members stationed in South Korea. Each article will highlight a specific South Korean destination, attraction or event within the authorized travelling distance for U.S. forces in country. The aim of this series is to encourage everyone to
  • Speaking their language: Osan chaplain conducts Mass for Vietnamese community

    Sometimes people just need somebody to talk to. It helps if that somebody understands and speaks your language. Air Force chaplains are often that ear and that voice.For one chaplain here at Osan, being able to speak Vietnamese helped fill the needs of a community outside the gates.Chaplain (Capt.) Thienan Tran, a 51st Fighter Wing Chaplain,