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  • IPE team impacts lives of Osan Airmen

    Ensuring everyone possesses the proper equipment for war is part of the 51st Logistics Readiness Squadron team's mission.With more than 317,000 pieces of protective equipment, clothing and property valued at nearly $35 million, the 19-person 51st LRS Individual Protective Equipment team ensures Osan is prepared to fight and win tonight. Exercise
  • Role players add realism to exercises, see 51 FW mission from ‘other’ side

    Every story has two sides, and an operational readiness exercise offers a small number of people a perspective from the "other" side.Most often, these role players play dead, dying or injured to add realism to the scenarios presented in the exercise. Each Airman is temporarily detailed to the 51st Fighter Wings exercise evaluation team for 12-hour
  • Innovative Airmen cut cost

    While the Department of Defense faces tightening budgets and fiscal restraints, one local Airman is developing innovative ways to save money and accomplish the mission.Staff Sgt. Lucas Morrow, a broadcaster with American Forces Network-Osan, uses recycled items, a small budget and big ideas to create broadcasting equipment that improves and
  • Civil Air Patrol develops youth

    As the sun sets over Osan Air Base one Monday evening, the sharp yells of drill instruction echo across the flight line. But if anyone followed the calls of attention and facing movements, they would not find the expected group of seasoned Airmen standing in ranks. They would find the Osan Civil Air Patrol.Standing in formation are youth of
  • National Parks of Korea: Jeju in winter

    Editor's Note: This is the ninth article in a series highlighting national parks in the ROK.When I arrived at Osan, I began to ask around, "Where are the best beaches to visit during the summer?" Nearly every response given was either Busan - located on the southeastern tip of the Korean Peninsula - or the island of Jeju.Doing a little research, I
  • Dorm managers ensure success at Osan

    Ever since the ribbon cutting for the first dorms here in 1953, unaccompanied Airmen have resided in the 44 dormitories here at Osan Air Base. Currently the dorms house roughly 5,000 Airmen. The dorm management office is entrusted with the responsibility of ensuring the dorms are properly taken care of.Staff Sgt. Amber Capello, 51st Civil Engineer
  • US Air Force A-10s in Korea Complete 30 Years of Service

    Although President Obama's Fiscal Year 2013 Department of Defense budget proposal recently presented to Congress calls for inactivation of five of the 16 A-10C Thunderbolt II squadrons from the U.S. Air Force active, reserve, and air national guard inventory, the 25th Fighter Squadron at Osan Air Base will remain a vital air asset in the defense of
  • Operation Combat Fox – The USAF Response

    At approximately 1345 hours on 23 January 1968 (Korea Time), North Korean patrol boats seized the USS Pueblo, a US Navy intelligence-gathering vessel, in international waters of the East Sea near Wonsan, North Korea. One USS Pueblo crewmember was killed in the boarding, with 82 taken POW, and later held captive for 11 months. The seizure took place
  • Military Postal Service: Keeping morale high one letter at a time

    "No mail, no morale" is their slogan and during this time of year mail is more important than ever.The Military Postal Service Agency here processes about 3,000 pieces of mail a day during the holiday season, and there is a lot that goes into "pitching" mail.Jim Groff, Osan's postmaster, said sorting mail is one of the few jobs in the Air Force
  • Drive, determination and never-say-no attitude proves worth it to this Airman

    Everyone has heard the phrase a picture is worth a 1,000 words but what about an idea that's worth $10,000?Tech. Sgt. Tremaine Smith, with the 51st Maintenance Group, had just such a thought and had the drive and determination to get his idea off the ground.He first discovered the problem nearly two years ago when he was stationed at Davis-Monthan