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  • Operation Combat Fox – The USAF Response

    At approximately 1345 hours on 23 January 1968 (Korea Time), North Korean patrol boats seized the USS Pueblo, a US Navy intelligence-gathering vessel, in international waters of the East Sea near Wonsan, North Korea. One USS Pueblo crewmember was killed in the boarding, with 82 taken POW, and later held captive for 11 months. The seizure took place
  • Military Postal Service: Keeping morale high one letter at a time

    "No mail, no morale" is their slogan and during this time of year mail is more important than ever.The Military Postal Service Agency here processes about 3,000 pieces of mail a day during the holiday season, and there is a lot that goes into "pitching" mail.Jim Groff, Osan's postmaster, said sorting mail is one of the few jobs in the Air Force
  • Drive, determination and never-say-no attitude proves worth it to this Airman

    Everyone has heard the phrase a picture is worth a 1,000 words but what about an idea that's worth $10,000?Tech. Sgt. Tremaine Smith, with the 51st Maintenance Group, had just such a thought and had the drive and determination to get his idea off the ground.He first discovered the problem nearly two years ago when he was stationed at Davis-Monthan
  • Osan maintainer competes in Kona IRONMAN

    A 51st Maintenance Operations Squadron senior weapons coordinator competed in the 2011 Ford IRONMAN World Championship in Kailua-Kona, Hawaii Oct. 8, 2011.Staff Sgt. Bradley Williams finished 225th out of nearly 1,800 competitors from around the world in the 140.6 mile IRONMAN challenge. "My dream competition was to race in Kona; now that I have
  • National Parks of Korea: Hallyeohaesang

    As summer begins to wind down, there's still time for a "day at the beach."Hallyeohaesang National Park is one of four coastal parks in the ROK. In addition to numerous beaches, the area features attractions such as the longest cable car ride on the peninsula, as well as a few history lessons ... both recent and ancient.Hallyeohaesang, designated
  • Osan men's varsity basketball: Who has the heart to make it this year?

    I wouldn't say I'm an expert at sports or even come close to saying I'm a professional at anything, but I have played and enjoyed watching just about every sport out there.I'd say I'm a sports enthusiast who has never had the patience to stick to one thing and truly be the best at it. I have been playing golf for about 24 years, and I still haven't
  • Whether it changes or stays the same - it's still weather

    Accurately predicting the unpredictable might sound inconceivable, but it's what Air Force weather forecasters do.Be it rain, snow, fog, monsoon, typhoon or clear and sunny--no matter the conditions--it's the forecaster's job to protect assets, save lives, keep pilots flying and support the Air Force's mission.Master Sgt. Brian Nuss, the 51st
  • National Parks of Korea: Taeanhaean

    Summer is here, and as temperatures rise, it's a perfect time to "hit the beach!"There is no shortage of shoreline on the Korean peninsula, and two of the most popular tourist destinations are beaches around the city of Busan and Jeju Island. However, for those interested in visiting the sand less traveled, several national parks in the ROK feature
  • Outdoor Recreation offers summer trips for adventure enthusiasts

    What do you think about when you hear "white-water rafting?" Have you ever considered rafting down a river as a great stress reliever?Osan's Outdoor Recreation office offers several trips throughout the summer months that can not only relieve stress but also give someone a chance to get out and experience something different here.When I was first
  • National Parks of Korea: Dadohaehaesang and Byeonsan

    Editor's Note: This is the sixth article in a series highlighting national parks in the ROK.In January, I embarked upon a two-day trip to visit several national parks in the southern regions of the country. The plan was to stop at four national parks, a migratory bird sanctuary and a tea plantation.After visiting Naejangsan National Park and