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  • Space-A travel: Ensure bags meet weight, size allowances

    Whether heading out to climb Mt. Fuji or to explore the ruins of ancient Rome, Space-Available travel can help travelers get there for less.Keep in mind that unlike flying on the commercial airlines, Space-A doesn't charge for excess luggage. So to avoid any hassles, here are a few guidelines regarding baggage allowances.When flying as a Space-A
  • Travel how to: Signing up for Space-A travel

    Want to fly to a beautiful island in the Pacific or anywhere in the world where Space-Available Travel is an option, but unsure how? Air Mobility Command can help.AMC passenger terminals offer several ways to sign up travelers for all their desired destinations.Before AMC can sign anyone up, the members must first be eligible for travel.For those
  • Packing for Space-A travel

    No one is happy with paying luggage fees for checked bags on commercial airlines. In fact, some airline companies are even considering additional carry-on charges, not to mention the already strict weight and size restrictions.Since these fees can eat into a servicemember's vacation budget, why not take advantage of space-available travel.Not only
  • Airmen use X-rays to keep aircraft in fight

    Flying and fixing airplanes is the 51st Fighter Wing's top priority, and the Airmen in the 51st Aircraft Maintenance Squadron's non-destructive inspection flight play a key role in that mission.Their job is to inspect support equipment, aircraft and weapon systems components for structural damage and flaws such as cracks, voids, heat damage and
  • When it comes to communications, ‘Comm’ does it all

    Whether it's UHF, VHF, short-wave secure radios, telephones, emails or some other form of base communication -- in one way or another it all goes through the 51st Communications Squadron.According to Capt. Raquel Cummins, 51st CS operations flight commander, these Airmen proved they were one of the best squadrons in the Air Force in 2010 by winning
  • Space-A travel can provide a unique, rewarding experience

    Picture this. You pack your bags and make your way down to the Air Mobility Command passenger terminal only to hear over the public address system as you arrive, "Sorry folks, the mission to Hawaii has been delayed twelve more hours due to maintenance issues". It may be frustrating to hear that your long-awaited vacation will be delayed but with a
  • 'Fiends' forever

    Maj. Gen. Robin Rand, Assistant to the Vice Chief of Staff of the Air Force - and former 36th Fighter Squadron "Fiend" commander - visited Osan Feb. 10, meeting with squadron members and sharing his thoughts on leadership at an officer's call.General Rand, the 85th "Fiend" commander, also met with current "Fiend" commander Lt. Col. John Seuell, Lt.
  • National Parks of Korea: Naejangsan

    Editor's Note: This is the fifth article in a series highlighting national parks in the ROK.Over the Martin Luther King, Jr. holiday weekend, I took a two-day trip to visit several national parks in the southern regions of the country. The plan was to stop at four national parks, a migratory bird sanctuary and a tea plantation, but inclement
  • Space-A travel: Did you know?

    Every day, around the world, hundreds of military and military-contracted commercial aircraft travel the world delivering troops and cargo. These missions allow hundreds of thousands of military personnel, retirees, family members, and other Department of Defense-eligible travelers to fly at almost no cost, courtesy of the DoD Space-Available
  • Team Osan's 'psychological first aid'

    Coping with the emotional aftermath of a traumatic event can be difficult. However, the Air Force has designed programs to ensure that our Airmen do not have to face those challenges alone.One of these programs is the Traumatic Stress Response team.The TSR team is a group of representatives from the Mental Health Clinic, the Airman and Family