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  • Getting help FAST

    April is National Child Abuse Prevention Month. It is a time to raise awareness about child abuse and neglect, and encourage individuals and communities to support children and families. But what is anger and how does anger lead to people abusing children? According to the book, The Anger Control Workbook by Matthew McKay, Ph.D. and Peter Rogers,
  • Cultural Insight: Korean history of Arbor Day

    Arbor Day (Sikmogil) was a public holiday in the South Korea on April 5 until 2005. However, many Koreans still celebrate the holiday. One of the reasons April 5 was chosen as Arbor Day was because the clear and balmy season (Cheongmyeong) was the best time for planting flowers and trees. April 5 was also the day Silla Kingdom unified Korea, and
  • Team VITA helps keep tax man at bay

    Throughout history, there have been many battles between classic superheroes and evil villains; Superman versus Lex Luthor, Batman versus the Joker, Spiderman versus the Green Goblin. Since 1955, American taxpayers have battled the seldom seen, but often talked-about, entity known as the Tax Man. Fear not members of Team Osan, for the dedicated
  • Staying healthy, eating right

    In honor of March being National Nutrition Month, the Health and Wellness Center is kicking off their six-week series of weight loss classes for active duty servicemembers and family members. To help individuals get a head start, here are a few helpful tips: -- Instead of saying you will "exercise more," try setting a more specific goal. Include
  • The dos and don'ts of political activity

    During an election year, many active duty military members may wish to get involved in campaigning for their favorite candidate. DoD Directive 1344.10 and Air Force Instruction 51-902 address the proper scope of political activity by members of the armed forces while on active duty. An active duty servicemembers may: -- Register, vote and express
  • Mouthguards: Protecting your smile

    Ever heard the saying "don't know what you've got 'til it's gone?" Have you ever thought about how it would feel if you lost one or two of your front teeth? You'd probably avoid smiling. It would be uncomfortable talking with someone face-to-face. And how about eating an apple? Each year, thousands of people get hurt playing sports and other
  • Jim jil bang - A simple, easy way to relax

    One way millions of Koreans escape from the bitter cold temperatures across the peninsula is a visit to the local sauna or jim jil bang. Contrary to what many Americans may have heard about the "bath houses" of old, a trip to a modern Korean jim jil bang is a family affair. A typical jim jil bang consists of various sauna rooms, some dry and some
  • Nutrition nibbles: eating for healthier hearts

    When 2007 became 2008, did you make a resolution to live a healthier life? Perhaps you resolved to let go of stress more easily, or to find more balance in your life? Osan runs at a fast pace, are you happy with how well you've kept up? People often say they want to "get healthy" or "get into shape." They have the best intentions in the world for
  • Lunar New Year set to shine on peninsula

    The Republic of Korea's highways and byways will become what many consider the world's largest parking lot Feb. 6 as millions of Koreans head to their hometowns to celebrate the most important holiday of the year, Seollal (Sol lal) or Lunar New Year's Day. New Year's Day falls on Feb. 7, but because of the holiday's cultural significance, the
  • Airmen volunteers teach English to ROKAF personnel

    On Monday and Wednesday evenings, in the Republic of Korea Air Force 1st Fighter Wing's aircraft simulator facility, Tech. Sgt. Troy Robey and Tech. Sgt. Travis Bolt, 607th Material Maintenance Squadron, Detachment 1, voluntarily teach English to ROKAF 1 FW personnel. Approximately five to 10 ROKAF students, most of them officers and NCOs, are